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Francesca Immacolata Chaouqui is the name of the “woman manager” chosen by the Vatican, an expert in law and international relations, appointed by Pope Francis as the only woman in the Commission on economic ministries of the Holy See. It seems that it was Monsignor Lucio Vallejo Balda, Secretary of the Prefecture for Economic Affairs to endorse her entry, making her occupy a position which was enviable to many people and especially, a position which no woman would have ever imagined to obtain.

The point is that when one accepts such special roles, and ends up inevitably under the spotlights, s/he should keep a low media profile so as not to slip into the traps of the numerous Judas, crows and demons. It is even worse when such mistakes are made by certain categories of people from whom society,  especially believers, expect a spotless conduct set on truth, love and loyalty to their religious commitments.

These shocking facts continue to embitter everyone, highlighting once again that the difficult moment through which the Catholic Church is going at present is nothing but the reflection of a sick and corrupt society which is unable to redeem itself.

These episodes show that no one can consider him/herself to be immune to the unstoppable wave of negative values. These misdeeds, namely stealing confidential documents in order to feed them to journalists-writers, on the one hand, seem demeaning and worthy of condemnation in all senses, on the other, however, they show us a new challenge in the smallest country in the world: not to leave unpunished those who commit atrocities.

The courage Pope Francis shows as he continues the work begun by Benedict XVI is therefore a strong message of consistency and an important proof of loyalty towards the Church of Christ. Young people are more and more stunned by these anomalies, which can only help feed the voids of consistent and credible models which our children, including seminarians, need so much.

Meanwhile, we wonder what is the reason for such a serious theft from Pontiff’s trust. We cannot know what desire of power or which manipulation made everything happen, and perhaps we will never know truth; but we certainly understand very well that in the Vatican, with the many people who dedicate their lives with sacrifice to the Lord, coexist vultures and crows. The smoke of Satan is still efficient.

We do not know if Immacolata, the lady in question, has not been such despite her name; but it is certain that some hierarchies of the Church are not immaculate.

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