TURKEY RETURNS IN ERDOGAN’S HANDS. THE ”SULTAN” WON AGAIN. HDP, the pro-Kurdish party managed to get into the Parliament once again exceeding the record threshold of 10%, but loses 1 million votes

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The Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan is satisfied with the result of the new elections in which he gained back the absolute majority he had lost during the previous elections, 5 months ago. A vote, said Erdogan, which proves how the nation chose to protect the climate of stability and trust. In a statement, spread individually via email, Erdogan pointed out also that the most important message about this vote addresses PKK: “Violence, threats, and the carnages cannot coexist with democracy and respect of the law”.

With a strong boost in just five months after the Turkish elections on June 7, the Party Justice and Development (AKP) won early elections with 49.4% of preferences. This result gives the party of the current premier Ahmet Davutoglu 315 seats out of 550, numbers that could allow them to change the constitution from a parliamentary system to the presidential system desired by the current head of state and the historic former leader of AKP, Recep Tayyip Erdogan. To change the constitution the party needed 367 seats, but 330 would suffice to hold a referendum and some members of other parties might support Erdogan’s reforms as well.

Thus Turkey returns in the hands of the “sultan”. The appeal to stability of the Turkish president breaks through in the nationalist electorate and brings his AKP party to an absolute majority, surpassing even the most favorable polls and promising to guide Turkey for the next four years. A result obtained despite the fact that pro-Kurdish HDP made it once again into the Parliament, overcoming the record threshold of 10%, losing one million votes compared to June, yet becoming the third party as to the number of seats (59) after the collapse of the nationalist MHP, which stopped at 41.

But in the south-east where Kurds are the majority immediately burst anger for an unexpected result which destroys their dream to stop Edrogan’s path. While the counting of the votes was still work in progress, Kurdish demonstrators in Diyarbakir set fires and erected barricades, clashing with the police which responded with tear gas and a strong repression of the protests. An idea of what might happen in the next months if the confrontation atmosphere does not change.

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