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For the sceptics, doubters, and agnostics who do not believe that the devil exists, let alone his influence on Halloween, this day is nothing but an innocent feast based on sweets, pranks, and carnival. Perhaps in some parts of the world it is interpreted this way, but behind what is presented as fun, there is much more. Precisely today, in the city of Old Town Spring, about thirty kilometers to the north of Houston, in US, is inaugurated the Greater Church of Lucifer. It is not a rumour, imagination, nor an exaggeration: this is what one of the most well-known American satanic sects announced on its site, with many thanks to all those who have allowed this event to happen.

A place which is no longer accessible to adepts alone, but open to the public; because the strategy – and from this point of view, the night of the witches is an exceptional picklock – consists precisely in coming out of darkness to conquer the world. Given that the devil uses deception to trap its victims, there is no better Trojan horse than a joyous feast to make monsters, rites, blood and occult seem  “normal”.

Therefore while Halloween is being celebrated, Satanists worship the prince of evil, on the same day, during the same hours. Those satanic appointments, in fact, will take place on eight different dates, but the most important one is October 31, the  beginning of the new satanic year, the birthday of the Devil. Is it a chance?! Jacob No, world leader of the sect (founded in the summer of 2014), stated that the goal of the church of Lucifer is to create “a new era for humanity’s progress without the slavery of dogmatic thought. We are the gods and the goddesses of our lives. Lucifer’s path passes through equilibrium, power, strength and wisdom, to achieve liberation, illumination and apotheosis”. Here goes absolute relativism, and the promoter has an exact name: devil. There is no need to build hypotheses or make excessive intellectual efforts to understand it. It is plain, described, declared. Yet, it is well hidden under mantles, pumpkins, and cobwebs, so as to become invisible. A slap in the face of the capacity to perceive danger.

On the contrary, if you do not want to see something, put it where it will be visible to everyone. Thus, Halloween, with its monsters, blood and Sabbaths, becomes a mass-market phenomenon. It enters schools and the families. But not everything is a game on this miserable night: “The victims”, says Cristina Kneer N Vidal, a former occultist, Satanist, and a Spiritist of American origin who lives in Hermosillo, Sonora, “are sacrificed by removing their heart which is consumed by those present, then their body is cremated and thrown into the sea”. Says the Kneer N: “For Satanists it is very easy to get rid of the bodies because those who celebrate black ‘mass’ are very important people’. The victims she mentions are mostly children, in the most desperate places of south America.

But the phenomenon is becoming worldwide, and even if at present its danger is not yet felt, this is there. The main church of Lucifer is an ideology in which one lives with no authority, without acknowledging laws nor rules. As he invites everyone to the opening of the church of Satan, he speaks about “a temple of the higher ego”. A sister-place of the temple of Satan opened in Detroit, with the inauguration of a statue of Baphomet where you can see two children in adoration at the feet of the daemon. The statue is built so as to become a chair on which to seat. The devil “calls” children to sit on his lap. This is precisely what Halloween does. It cannot be more obvious than that…

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