The Prince of Evil

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On the night between the last day of October and the first day of November, the streets and nightspots swarm with by children and adults grotesquely dressed as skeletons, witches and vampires, zombies and bats, black cats, lycanthropes, and so on. All of a sudden, our streets, shop windows, even schools’ hallways get orange and adorned with giant pumpkins. Carved so as to represent “bad faces”, they pop out of nowhere almost magically: it is Halloween, the feast of pumpkin!

For Satanists, the worshipers of Evil, Halloween is the most important feast, the New Year’s Eve, Lucifer’s birthday, the opportunity to recruit new followers. On the night of October 31, while naive children delude themselves into thinking that it is a social game and that they are having fun in a quite innocent and marry way, occultists perform sacrilegious and inhuman rites, profane cemeteries, kill babies, sacrifice human beings and animals, celebrate black masses, hide drugs and poison in the sweets and fruits they offer to children. Halloween is the trick of the devil: behind the carnival there is the dark universe of horror and evil, delight in horror and darkness, the victory of death over life, of darkness over light, of  evil over good.

Halloween is an anti-Christian worship: an invitation to inhabit the world of monsters, be friends with restless and terrifying souls, trapped on the threshold between two worlds, have fun with imaginary horrific creatures and evil demons, instead of looking for communication with saints and the angels of light, witnesses of joy and love of God.

When monsters are considered enjoyable, terrifying things become fun, horror is gratifying, crumbles the border between good and evil, the door of the judgment opens onto moral abyss. The prince of Evil draws into his trap armies of young people and adolescents who are mostly unaware of what happens, using the pleasure of the macabre and the monstrous and desecrating the meaning of death.

All Saints Day and the commemoration of the dead are, on the other hand, the opportunity to reflect on the mystery of death in view of Resurrection and as birth into immortality, where only those who have lived according to the Word of God, in the light of his love, will experience the fullness of eternal joy. It is necessary, even urgent, to retrieve and promote the culture of life, which with its beauty, offers examples and models of hope to many people immersed in what Pope Francis has called a “culture of death”, which is currently prevailing and of which Halloween is both a tool and a demonstration.

The feast of the pumpkin is a feast for empty-headed people. The trick of the devil and a deadly treat to the soul.

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