The poisoned treat

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In the ninth century, Pope Gregory II wanted to help Christian people to overcome pagan rites. The Pope transferred All Saints’ Day from May to November 1, so as to put it before the pagan rituals which were commonly celebrated the night before. That night, according to pagan traditions, it was customary to sacrifice the most dear things to the god of darkness who took possession of the created during the winter period, when darkness prevailed over light.

Druid priests went from house to house to receive offers whose purpose was to appease malign spirits, so they would not curse the inhabitants or lead them to disaster.  The question was: blessing or curse? Those who refused to give an offer received retaliation and misfortunes.

Along the centuries, this appointment remained among the most important ones on the satanic calendar, as well as for witchcraft and spiritualism. During the last decades, the world of esotericism has transformed this event into a highly propagandistic collective ritual which has affected and involved children and young people. The original question was thus transformed into: Trick or treat? Assuming a meaning which is more and more connected to occultism and to exaltation of horror and death.

I remind parents and all the educators that by accepting this celebration they promote and develop the world of Satanism, which already cages multitudes of young people, especially in the urban areas of the largest cities. We can already observe the adverse signs of this dark world  in our society. It traps young people, makes them dress in black, listen to satanic music, attend dark nightspots, and get tattoos with symbols of the evil.

Do we want our children to celebrate All Saints’ Day with demons, the world of Satan and death or with joy and peace, living in light? Exhort your children by telling them: do you want to play and have fun with demons and evil spirits or do you choose to rejoice and celebrate with Saints who are the nice and wonderful friends of Jesus?

We publish the last article written by don Benzi, printed by Corriere di Romagna Rimini on October 28, 2007

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