HALLOWEEN? THE DEVIL’S TRICK An interview with Aldo Buonaiuto on the hazards of the ''night of the witches''

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The streets, shops and houses become all orange, fruit and vegetable stands have unusual supplies of pumpkins, children dress up as monsters, zombies, and witches, while the Catholic Church is preparing to celebrate all saints and commemorate dear people who departed, and launches the risk alarm for Halloween and especially for young people. What is generally considered to be a trendy, merry, and fun festivity, a kind of noir carnival, actually is a dark and disturbing phenomenon and an opportunity for the occult world to recruit followers. For the Satanists, it is the most important recurrence of the year, the birthday of the prince of evil.

Don Aldo Buonaiuto, an exorcist priest, anthropologist, a demonologist, coordinator of the anti-cultists of the Pope John XXIII Community founded by don Benzi and of the toll-free number for the victims of occultism and Satanism (800228866), wrote a book on this topic: “Halloween. The trick of the devil” (Communication, 10.00 euros). It will be presented at the European University of Rome, on Thursday, October 29, starting at 4pm. Along with the author, will give speeches also: the new Archbishop of Bologna, Mons. Matteo Maria Zuppi; the president of the international Association of exorcists, father Francesco Bamonte; the national secretary of the Research Group and Socio-religious Information, Giuseppe Ferrari; the national coordinator of Renewal of the Spirit, Mario Landi; the journalist Carlo Climati, expert in youth issues. The assembly will be greeted by the rector of the university, father Luke Galicia. The meeting will be led by the editorial director of Interris.it, Angelo Perfetti. A slap in the face of the conscience of those people who trivialize a phenomenon with many risks.

Don Aldo Buonaiuto, why have you chosen to write a book about Halloween?

“It is a book which aims at informing, educating and preventing hazards, an aid for educators and parents, for catechists and priests, as well as for young people, to make them aware of the meanings the occultist and satanic symbols of this horror carnival have, a carnival that should not be trivialized. Those who think that the phenomenon can be referable merely to fun and trendy features, such as masks and time for leisure, should know that behind this pseudo-carnival hide the dark worlds of occultism and Satanism. It is a magical-esoteric celebration and it is an opportunity for the sects to allure victims”.

In short, it is not a kind of themed “carnival”. What are the hidden meanings?

“The tradition of ‘Trick or Treat’ conceals something far more serious and disturbing than it seems at a first glance. In the ancient pagan cult of the druids, trick or treat meant ‘curse or sacrifice”: the obligation to offer gifts to the priests of the god of death in order to avoid revenge from the afterlife. Through this so-called jovial fashion spreads the pleasure for horror as something normal, seduction by the macabre, attraction to death instead of life. The meaning of death is desecrated. As I wrote in the book, the trick of the devil is a deadly  treat for the soul. On the occasion of Halloween, young people begin to worship bloody monsters, restless dead who roam on earth, and perform sacrileges in the shape of a game, while the servants of the prince of evil are responsible for terrible crimes, such as killing, even of infants, moral and physical violence, desecration. Christians cannot be accomplices, not even indirect, of this commercial operation with neo-pagan and anti-Christian traits”.

It is also a commercial operation…

“There is certainly a commercial and business side to this festivity. A successful operation, due to using advertisements and the media, in the service of the interests of the multinational companies which insist a lot on spreading this fashion so as to sell their products. Thanks to the Internet and globalization, it has become one of the most followed, especially among young people, mass-events. In Europe, the profits from the ‘night of the witches’ currently exceed 400milioni euro. But that is not the primary characteristic. For the Satanists, Halloween is the birthday of the prince of evil. During this festivity are practiced dark rites and are committed crimes. But even if this were not the case and economic interest prevailed, it would still be a Pyrrhic victory for God. It would be a damaging phenomenon on social, anthropological and cultural levels in any case: a proposal of negative values, linked to a materialistic and utilitarian view of life and pleasure. It is also a desecration of the true recurrence, the Christian one, the cult of saints, of the devotion of men and women who have tried to imitate the perfect example of Jesus in love of the neighbour and respect for God’s commandments”.

What are the Christian values this tradition risks to dim?

“For many people, Halloween means cheerfully decorated windows, with masks and human monsters. But it is something more dangerous than a folkloric event. It is an anti-Christian phenomenon, which reduces our liturgical tradition. It exalts a ‘culture of death’, a taste for horror and the macabre. Deformed and bloody faces take the place of the saints’ radiating faces. Zombies, the dead who roam without peace, trapped between the worlds of the living and that of the dead  shall replace the dear relatives and friends, real people, who passed to better life before us and await Resurrection. I appeal, therefore, the catechists, priests, and teachers of religion: let us work together and hard to properly celebrate our saints! Let the kids know the beautiful face of the heroes of God”.

So, what is the proper way to celebrate November 1 and 2?

“The alternative to Halloween is the joy of Christian liturgy, the ceremonies of preparation for All Saints, praying together as a family, reciting the rosary, partaking in Holy Mass, rediscovering the exemplary lives of the Saints and the triumphant love of God, experiencing the Eucharist in an active way and visiting the loved ones at the cemetery. There is no better event than reading together and meditating on the lives of the Saints, contemplating the radiant face of Jesus instead of the monstrous faces of skeletons, zombies, and damned souls, which do not exorcise death but exalt it, sponsoring thus the ugliest things in the world: pain, suffering, anxiety, violence, and death. We do not need ugly and horrible masks, but witnesses of God’s love and of the beauty of Truth”.

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