Uncivil unions

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It is curious to see how numerous promoters of uncivil unions want to make a law on civil unions. It may sound like a joke, even if, to understand that it is true, it would be enough to have a look at how much hypocrisy is shamelessly waved  by the various institutions, starting from the political ones. United in an uncivil way are all those who pretend to argue, especially in talk shows, whereas the truth is that they have already agreed to approve this law or any other law the government wants them to approve.

The word opposition does not provide any warranties anymore, because also this word, in the reality of the situation, has lost its institutional value and importance. Uncivil unions can be found everywhere, suffice it to observe the  ”Mafia Capitale’’ process, or on an even more elementary level, to know the history of the affairs and governments: the opponents, the enemies are very often bent and embraced out of convention and thus, also at present, incivility is reigning everywhere, even in the most unthinkable places.

But it is obvious that the widely-spread term ‘‘uncivil unions’’ means something very specific; and the more and more burning discussion around this topic is offering an occasion to all those who want to attack and insult the Catholic Church, as if this subject could be reduced to a religious question alone.

Public opinion, as the media want us to believe, is precisely that there is disagreement between the ecclesiastic world, which does not want civil unions, and the secular world, which considers that the time has come to make laws in the name of the so-called civility turn. Between those two positions can be obviously found all the mercenaries and lobbies, that do not mean to join a dialog, but only to yell what they want. Gay couples, in their opinion, must be given the possibility to get married, have a family, and buy a child or get it some other way.

From the  language they use to the goals they set, we understand the legitimate concern (to respect!) many people, including non-believers, and even the gay world, that they absolutely do not want to give the same rights and value to civil unions and to the institution of marriage and family.

In fact, to ask legitimately the State to legally recognize the sentimental value of  two people living together, even of the same sex, so that they can receive those benefits and basic rights, is different from  wanting to change the Constitution (art. 29) asking to be able to define and declare themselves “husband and husband” or “wife and wife” in the name of marriage. Moreover! Precisely because they want to celebrate civil marriage, due to blindness or selfishness, according to them,  we should constrain children to have Dad 1 and Dad2  or two moms. The ruthless cult of themselves takes the place of all human logic.

Besides, it is not clear why they insist, even cynically, on asking the Catholic Church to accept such a proposal. It seems to me that this is true folly, not only the extreme cult of relativism and approval of everything, but the claim that the Church should stay silent or give its blessing.

But I think that the role of every Christian should be to shout the truth of the Gospel, that certainly does not judge anyone, but at the same time does not make fun of anything, nor is made of lies. Jesus did not play with man, he never made fun of him, but showed deep love and compassion.

The Messiah has come to the man of our times, strongly wounded by sin and, perhaps, also his family. The Redeemer has come for our children who have the right to have a father and a mother; and certainly this cannot be a matter of favor, concession or simply of case to give them a family. Every child must feel both the paternal arms and the chest of a mother who breast-feeds it.

This double difference is crucial.  The scholars of human psyche themselves explain how many deviations are conditioned and therefore have their roots in the absence of a parent or in his excessive possessiveness. Behind a teenager or a young person who is oriented towards declaring (s)he is Gay, there is always a state of uneasiness, dissatisfaction, loneliness, and insecurity.

There are, of course, many people who feel so since childhood, who suffer due to their being different, often ashamed because of a cruel and discriminating society. People cannot be labeled nor qualified on the basis of their sexual and sentimental instinct.

This sexual phobia is not a limit that characterizes only heterosexuals, the Catholic Church or any other reality. What is not taught at present, is respect for the person, starting from their own body handed in to all kinds of outrages.

Respect for one’s soul and conscience is obtained also by making the most of the religious sphere which is so important and which many people want to confine as a private matter; respect for the psyche is outraged every day by the contradictions of the adults who are ready to speculate even on children.

The Church, therefore, does not have to fear being accused of bigotry nor of appearing old-fashioned. Its prophetic nature includes misunderstanding of the many, contempt, and even persecution. What is really important, is not to slip into hypocrisy or compromise, thus coming to terms with the real divisor of hearts, the great superb, the devil, the one who aims at the destruction of human life; this unfortunate alliance would be the true uncivil union.

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