The bad example

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A 25-year-old native from Gabicce Mare, in Pesaro, is struggling between life and death after having interfered when a couple was fighting, both of whom were his acquaintances, and got his neck injured with a piece of broken bottle. A group of kids attacked a 13-year old in Pozzuoli, kicked and punched him, after having made fun of him for a long time. The 16-year-old brother of the victim spoke up in his defense, but got kicked and punched as well, to the point of ending up in the hospital. Episodes delivered to us in the latest news, but which represent merely the last manifestation of a violence that is growing more and more pronounced among young people.

We must think very carefully about the values we are transmitting to the new generations, because in those episodes we find the germ of intolerance, arrogance, disregard for life and above all, neglect towards the idea of justice. The young people who were injured, had interceded to defend the weaker. A concept that should be natural in a society that wants to define itself as civil, and which has difficulties to find a place among young people. Those who decide to get involved and help people in difficult situations are always single individuals who are often “eliminated” from the group. Those episodes are the reflection of the evolution (or devolution) we live at present times. If the message that it is ignoble to scorn the youngest, the most defenseless, was a “dogma”, certain actions would not even come into being. But things are different: what prevails is the so-called lex talionis, the law of the strongest, that of craftiest. Beyond the rules, above reason, above humanity itself.

Business rules the actions of the governments, without getting special scruples if the latter remain such or if some of them die along the way… Those who are rich armour their interests and leave the rest of the society to fumble to survive. If this is the general approach of the world we currently live in, how can we expect the younger generations to perceive different values? Violence is violence at any age, but it manifests depending on the role one has: it can consist in building a wall, depriving of money, or be externalized in the shape of punches and kicks. On the other hand, both on small and on a large scale, however, there is constantly someone who does not have the possibility to react. And those who get involved in order to rebalance the situation are always too few, often isolated, sometimes victims themselves.

States and governments do not seem to really believe in upbringing its future generations in a spirit of respect towards the most vulnerable and of mutual aid; some information campaign, good relations during international events, but policies for re-establishing an equilibrium between disparities on the planet do not change; neither changes the value of force. But if we do not start from here, we are not going anywhere.

Large meetings where words are spent to define the crucial role of teaching the right values to the youth for the future society are useless. Our young people are what they eat, and the bread they are given today is of extremely poor quality.

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