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Since a few decades we have been witnessing a proliferation of apparitions and locutions, stigmata, blood inscriptions, and extraordinary events in general, Marian or not, real or imaginary. A chaos, in which it is difficult to find the right path, a situation favoured also by the explosion of information on the web, where the boundary between the truth and the verisimilitude has been almost cancelled. Exhortations to stay vigilant are essential, because it is written in the Sacred Scriptures themselves that “even Satan fashioneth himself into an angel of light”.

Among the most controversial  – and widely known – cases, there is the so-called “Gallinaro Baby Jesus” in Italy. It is one of the 9,000 cases counted during the last few years. Everything unfolds around the figure of Giuseppina Norcia, born in 1940. According to the stories, two days after her first communion, “she suddenly saw a little, soft, and bright cloud descending from the sky. A little baby of superhuman beauty was sleeping on it. It was Baby Jesus. The cloud stopped at about a meter from the little clairvoyant. Jesus opened his eyes, which were incredibly sweet, looked at her and smiled”.

Giuseppina’s life goes on normally, she gets married and brings two children into this world. Then, on May 16, 1974, happens the second alleged event: wrapped in light, Jesus (not a child anymore), Mary, and Saint Michael appear to her and announce – as she says – the salvation mission she will have to carry out. From then on, the visions of Christ and Mary follow one another, sometimes accompanied by the holy martyr Mesia. The visionary says to have been told by the Lady: “After the Sacraments of Confession and Holy Communion, there are no other means… Pray for the conversion of the poor sinners”.

Still according to the woman, Jesus invited her also to build a chapel in the place where the appearance occurred in 1976. From that moment on began the visits, then more and more numerous pilgrimages. Giuseppina claims to have been constantly receiving supernatural messages, until July 5, 2008, when she died from a cardiovascular collapse as a result of a pulmonary crisis. But only after she announced appalling events, natural disasters, deaths and suffering that would have announced “the kingdom of the righteous” and a “new Jerusalem”.

The Church has always been very cautious about this phenomenon. There are basically no discussions about the docility of the woman with respect to the indications of the Curia. What gives food for thought, instead, is the business that has been created afterwards, and – especially – the constitution of a so-called prayer group in the “new Jerusalem”, as has been called the place of worship. An unacceptable name for the Church, because in contrast with the data contained in the Revelation, and obviously worrying for its millenarian content.

To this, we should add also that the “heritage” of the clairvoyant was taken up by her son Samuel who continued to gather proselytes around Giuseppina’s figure. Some messages, reported by eyewitnesses of the meetings, are particularly disturbing in their content: God, according, to them is no longer in the Church, therefore it is pointless to attend mass or sacraments, unless they are held in Gallinaro’s small chapel; weddings should be consecrated there as well. Also the figure of the Pope and that of seers (or alleged seers) from other sanctuaries or areas of the world is questioned. Gallinaro is seen – in a millenarian key- as a saving-apocalyptic place.

This is why the Church is sceptical about what is happening. Not to mention the commercial side of this story which, according to some people, is a slap in the face of devotion’s purity. Whereas it is true that tenders have never been asked, it is equally true that a flow of money arrives for the “Casa Serena of the Child Jesus”, a not-for-profit organization formed “by divine will” in February 2001, whose goal is to provide a hosting structure for all those who come to the “new Jerusalem”. Finally: “Jesus told me many secrets, but I cannot reveal them yet”, said the woman in an interview for RAI. Five, in particular, that – in her words – should have been revealed in due time. But her departure has prevented it. Thus creating, as it were, one last mystery: if divine messages had been revealed to her in order to be communicated to the world, why was she “called” before being able to say at least one of them, thus impeding the realization of a project decided by Jesus himself?

It is undeniable that Gallinaro is a “great spiritual place”, given the thousands of faithful who receive sacraments and participate at Mass there. But the claim that it is a “place of spirituality’, considering the millenarian and miraculous pollution with evident sectarian elements, which characterize this story, is something completely different. Essentially, the prayer groups for baby Jesus can be seen as a genuine expression of faith, but it should be brought back to the doctrines, its teachings and the authority of the Pontiff. Otherwise, it is difficult to sustain to be with Christ ignoring, or, even worse, his Church.

Freely taken from Private Revelations and Extraordinary Phenomena

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