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During the last few years, several rules were introduced in our law for the promotion and implementation of the principles of equality and equal opportunities for men and woman in their workplace and to contrast different forms of discrimination and harassment, in line with the various directives. In particular, in relation to Italian public administrations, an important step was taken with the law 183/2010, “Connected work”, whose art. 21 made compulsory the requirement to provide Common Warranty Committees (CCW) for equal opportunities by substituting and uniting all the functions previously allocated to Committees for equal opportunities and the Committees on the phenomenon of mobbing, a rationalization which aims at giving more effective and timely answers.

To this regard, there is still a long way to go, there are still widespread difficulties and in many areas, despite the legal requirements, those new agencies are not constituted or formally constituted, but not put into condition to carry out their tasks. We feel the need to develop those potentials that have been merely expressed by the above mentioned bodies, being aware that the issues to be addressed are not residual, but can contribute strongly to determine savings and efficiency in a public administration, that is struggling today more than ever with consistent spending reductions, and is called to pry on a staff that has not been recording any wage increments for a long time now.

Ensuring a healthy work environment, based on merit and respect towards diversity, can surely contribute to achieve the goal of improvement of the public service. In syndicate’s strategic action on the topic of equal opportunities, to promote, support, and monitor through active participation the operation of CCW in public administration is of fundamental importance for a number of reasons. In the meantime, the role of the syndicate within the administration itself is growing stronger, laying the foundations for a constructive dialog as part of collective negotiations and proximity.

Secondly, it contributes to the process of modernization of the public administration, called to adapt to the parameters provided by the Community rules on the subject of equal opportunities, with particular reference to the European directives on the topics of conciliation between life and work, organizational welfare, and the removal of obstacles for the promotion of equality, health, safety, and training.

There is a kind of mobbing, little known and encoded, which affects single women. That is to say, women workers who do not have children and in many cases not even a partner and who, for the sole reason of being considered totally “free”, are constrained to endure work and psychological overload at the hand of colleagues and superiors, that is sometimes underestimated if not completely ignored.

As women who belong to the CISL syndicate, we think that CCW may have an important role, for example, the ability to highlight with regard to the employed, the average career progressions in relation to sex on the basis of a national model. A crucial contribution to preventive action, protection and monitoring of the phenomena of direct and indirect discrimination and in the fight against the phenomena of violence, harassment, and mobbing, in relation to which they could play an important role in the development of codes of conduct and good practice.

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