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In a frenetic world such as ours, we often forget the importance of spending time together and of intimacy. And the rituals that should be part of the family life get lost in the meanders of a society that runs without grasping the importance of a moment, of a glance. Thus, the life of a couple becomes dull, devoid of emotion, light years away from what it should be like. Yet, it would take very little to rediscover one another again. It would be enough to return to the beginning, when two young people, before inaugurating a life together, were trying to know and like each other, and sought reciprocal appreciation. And they did so by paying simple but profound attention to looks. As the pleasure of organizing a dinner at home to conquer the heart of the other. In Italy, food is not only something people feed themselves on. It is art, dishes that become a message. It is love made available for  the person who receives it, be it a friend or the person with whom we want to grow old.

Experts in the field agree on one point: to reward the spouse, nothing is better than a meal cooked with care, in great detail. Food and seduction are a perfect match. Both of them generate well-being, gratify heart and mind, and – let us not underestimate it-, they are a metaphorical representation of the care and attention toward the partner. Moreover, good cooks are famous for being also good love-makers. They are good at improvising, naturally inclined to give pleasure, self-confident, creative, and versatile, and in the morning, they are very likely to cook you breakfast.

A truly winning move is learn to use the right ingredients. There different kinds of food. Some kinds of them stimulate, others create dangerous drowsiness. Caviar and Champagne (for those who can afford it) are a mantra of romantic nights, the first one contains zinc, which enhances male and female fertility, the second one, besides making your night more prestigious, eases inhibitions. After the aperitif based on hors d’oeuvres and bubbles, arrives the appetizer, in which oysters and other molluscs cannot be missing. Scientific studies have shown that both contain elements that are able to stimulate testosterone and other hormones related to sexuality. Do not exaggerate, though: an excessive consumption increases the risk of nausea and diarrhoea, which would be rather embarrassing.

For the first course, preference should be given to something light. A fish dish for instance. As to flavors, it is important to keep the right balance between strong and delicate flavors. A must on your dish should a bit of chili pepper. This fruit (it is not a vegetable, as many of you may think). It contains lecithin, a natural vasodilator. It increases the blood flow in the organs and causes a rise in body temperature. Besides, it is healthy food, since it is rich in vitamins and mineral salts. Also in this case one needs to know how to use it, so as to avoid making your partner stick to the bottle of water to ease their suffering. As an alternative, you can use paprika or curry, that have similar effects and properties and give a fascinating ethnic touch to your dinner. Pay attention to the amount of pasta and rice you use: carbohydrates do lead straight to bed… but only to sleep…

As to your second course, the most important part is the side dish. Among the vegetables with stimulating properties there are asparagus. In addition to water, this vegetable contains potassium, vitamins B1-B6, and folic acid: integrators that will help you fight tiredness. Finally there is vitamin E, which acts directly on your desire. Another option is an avocado salad accompanied by blue fish. This exotic fruit is rich in Omega 3 fatty acids and other essential fatty acids which transform it into a real energy bomb. Therefore it enhances both men’s and women’s sexual health. The whole thing could be accompanied by a bit of ginger, a root used by Chinese people in ancient times to cure impotence. It is also a natural anti-inflammatory.

As to dessert, you should be very careful not to exaggerate with chocolate, which can prove to be a false myth. It gives euphoria (thanks to dopamine) and psychological pleasure, on the one hand, but on the other hand, it may have side effects, especially if it does not contain at least 70% of cocoa powder. Dessert could be also something with dried fruits such as almonds, which act on female hormones, and have antidepressant and painkilling effects. As fruits, we recommend a fruit salad made of bananas and strawberries. The former increases men’s strength, (and according to a recent study also prevent kidney cancer), whereas the latter will stimulate your sense of smell and sight, with their passion-red color. Accompanied with a light (preferably white) wine. What to avoid? Broccoli (because of their bad smell), legumes and cheese (they cause bloating), liquorice (it lowers testosterone levels), mint, soya, French fries and tonic water (it may contain chemical elements that are not particularly stimulating).

These are our advices, now it is up to you to create the atmosphere. Pull out table cloths and candles, light an incense stick (any scent but coconut, because it is too sweet), put some nice music, something like Berry White, and you will have everything ready for a perfect dinner. With those you want to conquer, but also, and especially, with your husband and wife. Because seduction and desire must be kept alive even after years of a happy life together. A slap in the face of  all those who think that marriage is lethal to passion. Remember to be well-mannered, not to speak with your mouth full, and if you are men, always fill your lady’s glass. The right touch for a truly magic night.

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