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The d-day of the families people has arrived. Too many times the actions of the families in search of an opportunity to connect with other parents in order to contrast the introduction of gender theory  in their children’s school program. This happened only because their actions were still isolated. A “ghetto” built by dominant relativism and combatant progressivism. But maybe in the classroom next to theirs there was another family which was equally concerned, but nobody knew it. If it is true that union is strength, you need to create the right tools for it to take the shape of concrete action. “We are going to create a national mapping of families that want to engage on this front, so as to connect them” explains Philip Savarese, Spokesman of The Poster Pour Tous Italy, involved in the front line against the introduction of gender studies in school programs.

“To connect parents – he explains – is our priority, but we are preparing also two more initiatives: one is a revolt against the ministry of Education; the other is a great national initiative that aims at involving the political and media spheres in the problem of the families’ freedom of education. It is not going to be the classic manifestation in a square”. It is a necessity, given that the positions of those who are contrary are being disregarded. “Recently the content of the paragraph 16, concerning gender education, was brought to the table – continues Savarese -, obviously because of the huge protest organized by the families in Rome, but paradoxically no members of the ‘Committee we defend our children’ were involved”.

We need to tell the truth: those families have a huge responsibility, which is currently becoming historic: they grow more and more disinterested in their children’s school life.  The law contemplates the role of the family in school life, offering it significant opportunities of close examination, confirmation, approval, and initiative; but one way or another, this role was weakened by the parents themselves. And now we see the results: there is general indifference and very often even ignorance about the projects and courses that are introduced in schools. “Our goal,” says Savarese – is make the family partake in their children’s school life and the first step is to get together. We know that there are school principals who do not pay much attentionto isolated families; a subject that affects the sensitivity of many families, on the other hand, rises the level of their attention and cooperativeness.

Besides, there are people who insists, especially on social networks, on the fact that gender theory does not exist and that the movement in defense of the family from the attacks on its foundations, which is the very existence of men and a women, is merely an invention.  “In the meantime – replies Savarese – we say that those who accuse us of exaggeration and deny the existence of any theory has never taken into account our point of view. They disregarded it and never asked where we identify this danger. Recently, an important Italian newspaper published an insight into this topic, but none of us was asked to contribute with a few lines to the general analysis; which, we have to say – without being polemic – depicted us as people who create prejudices. Yet there are dozens of practical examples in schools where gender theory begin to become visible. However, it is gratifying to see that, both on social networks and in real life, families and parents get increasingly involeved in this issue, and thanks to meetings organized on the whole territory of Italy, we are creating a real popular movement”.

The danger is hidden between the folds of words with which everyone could agree at a first glance: equality and respect. The Trojan horse are precisely the concepts of tolerance and equality which conceal the dangerous message behind them: denial of the fact that being men and women is linked to biology, being, instead, a mental and emotional condition that can change over time. Theories, that encourage to destroy the individual’s sexual identity in order to promote a distorted concept of equal opportunities between men and women, are questioning human anthropology itself. Against this “totalitarianism of the gender ideology”, on Saturday, October 17, from 9:30 a.m. in Rome at the Teatro Adriano in piazza Cavour, the Poster Pour Tous Italy, one of the main associations that has animated the Family Day event on June 20, will launch an anthropological re-constitution of the family, announcing the most important European anti-gender plan ever made: “Generation family”. It will begin with the contributions of men and women of culture, science, medicine, social research, and economy on the subject of family, marriage, and parenthood, to go to feed and renew the call to action to all the families and people, Catholics and non-Catholics, believers and non-believers. A slap in the face of all those who want to eliminate parents’ right to raise and educate their children and children’s right to have a father and mother.

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