US WEAPONS FOR SYRIAN REBELS. THE PROXY WAR AGAINST RUSSIA CONTINUES After the Russian intervention, US military supplies for the liberation army have increased

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Syria is becoming more and more the battlefield of the proxy war between US and Russia, involved respectively in subverting and supporting Assad’s regime. The flow of weapons from Washington reaches the  rebels through Riad  and has become very consistent since the beginning of the Russian intervention, even “more than necessary,” has told to the New York Times one of the leaders of the rebel militias committed to confront Damascus Armed forces in Hama, central Syria, one of the first provinces struck by Moscow’s air attacks in Damascus.

“We have what we ask for in a very short time”, said Ahmad al-south, the rebel commander, excited about the success obtained by his group, the 13th Division, in two days. It managed to strike with Tow anti-tank missiles “seven out of seven armored vehicles”. Armored vehicles built and supplied by the Russians.

Rioters have what another commander called the “white paper”, able to benefit from the tide of war and gain ground in view of political negotiations concerning the fate of the country. The initiative that concerns the transfer of missiles is coordinated by CIA instead of the Pentagon. It handles a larger number of weapons and seems to be more successful than the one started by the Ministry of Defense, which failed because the missiles were used only against ISIS and not to fight Assad’s troops.

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