Between reception and mistrust

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Reception springs from a deep need inscribed in the very DNA of humanity: to feel brothers and sons of the same Father who created us. Yet, we live in countries with different cultures and complex situations and this fact has led to the creation of fences over the course of history. Globalization keeps the world and its peoples in constant motion. And our DNA, the heart of reception, is challenged and encouraged to come out.

Diffidence is daughter to a giant “I” who is not being brought up properly; the result being proliferating fear and hatred. Or even wars, when this giant “I” becomes a huge “Us”, fed by the gun lobbies of the powerful who want to maintain their hegemony on the planet.

There is a constant dichotomy, therefore, between reception and mistrust. There is perceptible difference  between what the governments declare and what they actually do; the message does not correspond to the reality of the situation. We must say that the powerful control almost all means of communication, and then handle information in a way that allows them to retain the status quo, sell goods,  check the world of finance, economy, and banks. Realities that could be useful to everyone, if they were put at the service of the community. But the truth is that  most of the times communication is dummy, made of images, sales, and products. The real world is something else, and the poor realize it before anyone else, because they struggle every day to make ends meet and offer their children what they need to survive. We are still immersed in too much hypocrisy. It is a deceptive world.

Reception, therefore, is a value we need to  rediscover. The image of those migrants and their pain resemble the birth pangs of a woman (i.e., humanity). The beauty of human beings must come out and it needs to be accompanied, safeguarded, and nourished. This is a critical moment: either we take this possibility of revival, or we die because of our own selfishness. In this situation, the means of communication could do a lot, by transmitting positive, good, true and solidary news about people who keep working for the common good. Instead, they either focus on what is not working properly and feed mistrust, or unleashing political propaganda and increasing confusion.

Yet, not everything is lost; especially among normal people there are still many who believe in what they are doing  and who spend their life building this common home which is the world. Let us not forget it.

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