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He took the child by the hand and led him away with an air of lightheartedness. Mohamed Januzi, of Bosnian nationality, is only four year old. He trust adults, in a country in which he believes to have finally found a home, in Berlin, together with the mother. In the afternoon of the first of October, in the middle of the day and in broad daylight, at around 14.40, a man between 35 and 50 years of age, with a reassuring , took the child by the hand and kidnapped him. The child and his mother were in front of the State Office for health and social affairs “Lageso’, in the district of Moabit, which functions also as a reception center for asylum seekers.

A moment of distraction, helped by the tiring waiting in endless queues, and the bogeyman seized his prey. The cameras have recorded everything, but they could not stop him. The video of this scene was released today by German police. No news about the child yet. All that is left to his mother is anguish and this video, in which she has recognized her son.

How many times she has watched it over and over again with despair, as if wanting to stop the terrible event which has already happened? The man who walks cheerfully away with something that resembles a fluffy toy in his hands and the little child. He has a stubble beard and a rough soul. He is the monster at the reception’s door.

The phenomenon of missing or abducted after having escaped their parents’ control reached alarming numbers.  There are over 630 thousand cases in Europe, and approximately 40 thousand in Germany, according to the estimates of Missing Children. Most of them are foreigners and in two-thirds of the cases the victims are immigrants’ children, generally without a residence permit.

The investigators did not exclude any track, including the worst ones. The bogeyman beyond that door might lead on darker and more horrid roads, such as paedophilia and organ trafficking. Millions of children are abused in the world, reduced to slavery, put on sale for illegal adoption or even for trade of human organs. Thousands of children fall every day in the clutches of traffickers in human beings. International Organization for Migration estimated at 120 thousand the number of migrant women and children abducted for this purpose, with a multibillion-dollar illicit turnover.

Last year, in the German press appeared some controversies around the ‘Lageso” Office around their management of the relationships with private companies.

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