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Also Judah has gathered followers across centuries. Many people were inspired by the great traitor who, from an apostle of Jesus, transformed into a Satan’s prey following, thus, his orders. For 30 silver coins he had sold his soul to the devil and delivered the Messiah to the evil doers, that is, to those who later would have put him to trial, tortured, then killed him on the cross. The poor Judah, however, was now left alone in his despair; even the devil abandoned him to his fate, suicide.

There are so many new Judah who adore the Lord and keep kissing him, while being aware of the fact that they live in sin and deep falsehood.  Currently, we meet many people… all lovers of the Church who are committed to defending it. Some of them do so as defenders of tradition and of true orthodoxy, others by begging clemency for a legitimate opening towards different dispersed people who need to be retrieved. For many people, the Synod on the family is yet another opportunity to foment division, instigating social networks and the media to give voice to everything except the actual exhortations of the Pope that, I assume, are not even listened to.

There is so much shallowness in wanting to denigrate at all costs and so much diabolical game in wanting to build infinite controversies, that people do not even realize that they are acting according to devil’s will. Yes, because to accompany the Bishops so that they can deepen with great faith and sense of responsibility this complex issue is rather different from spitting poison, malign suspicions, and shit at all those who have a different opinion (even on the Pope!); and yet another thing is hope in the will of God that takes shape in the  positive support of the Pastors’ work. The latter are called to do a summary of tradition; looking, at the same time, at present-day Church in the world, certainly a little different from how it was in the Middle Ages or in other historical periods. But the new Judah do not care… “they have eyes, but do not see and ears, but do not hear; feet, but they do not walk…” they are being estranged by their mission which is that of destroying, framing the other, pillorying, mortifying, sizing the guilty, getting rid of the inappropriate, and it does not matter if we shoot at everyone, even at the innocent.

Everyone is ready to speak in the name of God, about absolute truth, rising as a guardian of orthodoxy; they are completely precluded from understanding the perspectives of the others, considered – tout court – to be in bad faith. Diversities transmogrify into implacable differences where anyone has the pretence of being able to teach what is more just and more authentic. How Many para-Catholics would like to teach even the Pontiff what and how he should do… Indeed, some – and there many of them – would ask him, if they could, to leave the role so as to put Benedict XVI back in his place. How Many pseudo-seers foment skepticism, fear, and division by putting in the words of Christ, saints, and Madonnas pure apocalyptic madness.

Everything has become as certain kinds of sports that are so sad: whoever wins is looked upon with suspicion, whereas those who are the most aggressive are listened to.The Catholic Church goes through a truly stormy period, to the point that a Vicar of Christ, Ratzinger, decided to resign. Pope Bergoglio tries to mediate with his personality by inviting everybody to be consistent and, especially, not to be pharisees. Instead of absurd controversies, who really claims to be a Catholic, in this period, should accompany the Synod with prayers. Those who say they love the Church, should stop insinuating continuously, shocking thus the little ones. Those who want to express their legitimate ideas, should do so with respect, without insulting or condemning the others. Let us leave coming outs and other manipulators’ comedies to the hypocrites.

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