SYRIA, US IS CONSIDERING PROTECTING THE ANTI-ASSAD REBELS The White House : Kremlin’s true intentions in Syria " are not clear". Moscow: "We share common goals"

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A repartee between Washington and the Kremlin on the beginning of Russian air raids on Syria. The Pentagon, in fact, is “considering” whether the United States should use military force to protect the anti-Assad rebels – whom it trains in Syria – if the latter were to be bombed by the Russians. We learn from official sources of the Department of Defense itself, although Ash Carter, the minister, has refused to talk about it with a curt “no comment” so far. The White House has stressed that the attacks conducted by Moscow do not seem to have Isis as their target and that Russia’s true “intentions” in Syria “are not clear”.

Yesterday, the president of the US Senate Committee on Armed Services, the republican John McCain, denounced that Russians had “struck the rebels of the Free Syrian Army”, a group which is “armed and trained by the CIA”.  This fact, said the republican, shows the true priorities of Moscow’s military intervention which is that of “bringing back the President Assad”. The curt answer given by Sergei Lavrov, the Russian foreign minister, arrived during the day. Lavrov, during his speech in front of the UN General Assembly in New York, stated that ”Russia’s and America’s targets are the same”: Isis, qaedists from the Nusra fFront and other extremist groups”. Besides, Lavrov pointed out that Moscow does not consider the moderate pro-American rebels from the Free Syrian Army to be a terrorist group. Quite the opposite, in Lavrov’s words, it “should become a part of a political solution in Syria”.

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