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strage oregon

Fear and blood at the Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Oregon. A 26-year-old man, Chris Harper Mercer, made it into the school building and killed 10 people. 20 more were wounded. The killer, armed with at least three guns and a rifle, walked into several classrooms, raised the potential victims and asked them a question: “Are you a Christian? ” If the answer was affirmative, he shot them in the head or in the legs. This is what happened, according to a testimony. As it comes out, Harper who was killed in his turn during a shootout with the police, had no connection to fundamentalist groups. The young man defined himself a “conservative republican” contrary to all “organized religions”. But on his MySpace profile appears a picture of him holding a weapon, as well as propagandist pro-Iraq images.

Many details of the tragedy are still unclear. What is certain, is that once again we are in front of an announced massacre, considering that the murderer had posted his plan on the Internet. He even twitted the following message: “Tomorrow (yesterday ndr) do not go to school”. A plot we have already seen in many other cases. America has to come to terms with yet another impressive trail of blood caused over the years by many mass murders: the massacre of the Columbine School at the campus of Virginia Tech, the slaughter of children at the Sandy Hook Elementary School, the carnage at the Aurora cinema.

The President Barack Obama, whose clampdown on firearms sale was boycotted by the Congress due to pressure made by the powerful lobby of the NRA (National Rifle Association), was informed immediately. ” Tackling the issue of violence due to firearms is still a priority”, explained the White House spokesman Josh Earnest, shortly after the release of the news about the new bloody shootout. The terror at the Umpqua Community College spread immediately on social media, due to some of the students who during the shootout started to tweet. “Oh my God, they are shooting”, recites Kayla Marie’s post on Twitter. “Students are rushing everywhere, my God”, writes the young woman in the first minutes of the tragedy. Then another tweet: “Hello. I’m fine. Physically. They are taking us away from the campus on a bus”.

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