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Cesare Tavella’s assassination in Bangladesh, claimed by ISIS, is a rude awakening for those who see danger in migrants alone. This drama brings back the fears which since September 11 2001 have been growing in the hearts of the West and not only. Cesare Tavella was a veterinarian cooperator who had decided to commit himself to a poor country in order to help. He was killed, according to ISIS militia’s claim, because he was “a crusader”. But it would be more correct to say that he was assassinated because he helped Bengals to emancipate and grow. ISIS’ claim, however, does not find confirmation and today, in the great game of web propaganda, everything is the opposite of everything, and there are many people who exploit the anonymity offered by the Internet to promote their own interests.

The dramatic episode, in any case, can help us focus on important points of what is happening in the world. The violent clash between the different souls of Islam is tearing apart the portion of the globe between the China Sea and the Atlantic. Fitna, the inner war, is no longer carried on only between Shiite and Sunni Muslims, but also within each of the two factions. They fight and kill to prove who observes Mohammed’s faith better. And “infidels”, the so-called ‘kefir’, are merely obstacles, that need to be removed because they alternately ally with this or that group.

Tavella’s death is shaking consciences. It turns out that no one is safe. But this is the normal condition at present, in the asymmetric war that has been ravaging the world for the last three decades. There are no trenches or battlefronts: battlefield is everywhere and everyone is a target. ISIS’ choice to strike journalists and cooperators is a step further in a strategy based on ferocity which distinguishes those terrorists who transformed into a nation.

Whereas Al Qaeda attacked symbolic targets and then switched to soft-targets, so as to increase the terrorist effect and propaganda, ISIS bets on random targets which it justifies with its raving claims only afterwards. Only a partial analysis can think that the target of those terrorists 2.0 may be buildings, temples or leader: the Caliphate’s order is to strike “whoever is against us”. And here come the suicide bombers in the mosques against civilians, the public executions of gay people, adulterers and all those who violate the laws of the Caliph.

Laws that, unfortunately, are applied also in countries represented at the United Nation which we consider to be our allies. The situation in the Middle East – we must have the courage to say it – was caused by a squinted strategy. That of eliminating the so-called tyrants, then delivering those nations to chaos. No plan, no project. Supporting preventive wars, an idea of the US conservatives, sprung of economic interests alone with the excuse of civil rights violation. One mistake after another brought Iraq and Syria to disintegration, their boundaries are not going to be the same again. Libya was transformed into an arena where militia tribes, qaedists, jihadists, and military men are fighting. Or Afghanistan where the Talibans conquered large cities like Kunduz, as well as the Paktia and Helmand provinces, whereas the government of Kabul is hesitating to take action. In Afghanistan, as it turns out, US military men and the international coalition have pretended not to see the abuses committed by officers of the reborn Afghan army against children.

In this scenario of blood and Gomorrah, ISIS’ fierce combatants become superheroes, because they represent a world’s recovery; we have not understood it, and we continue to listen to the sound of our own voice. We point our fingers against refugees who became such because of our ignorance, while the Caliphate finds more and more proselytes. ISIS is far ahead of the strategies implemented by the West which began to change its management style in the controlled territories. A few days ago it issued an edict in Raqqa and Mosul in which Christians are informed about the fact, that jigyza, the tax for non-Muslims, would have increased and that they would have been allowed to eat pork and drink wine strictly inside their homes. Women, however, must go out accompanied by a man and wearing a veil. Attempts to ease tensions and  to avoid revolts. And the West continues to think that the question can be solved with bombardments and walls that block those who flee from the territories where we sow our bombs.

Those four shots in the chest of the cooperator Tavella are a slap in the face of a kind of politics which cares only about its own ‘home’ and thinks that over there, where the three monotheistic religions were born (and where Christians have almost disappeared today) everything can be solved by hunting a tyrant and perhaps even thinking to make a profit out of rebuilding the structures of those countries with the money of those who armed the terrorists.

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