”Racist” solidarity

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For years, Italy has screamed out to the whole world, especially to the members of the European Union, that migrants were a problem of the entire Europe. Hence, it was impossible to address the issue, unless all the Member States decided to contribute. A cry for help, that has been completely ignored because the flow came from the south and struck only the Mediterranean coasts. Italy, Greece, and Spain were left alone to coordinate the flow of immigrants. Until happened something, that could have been easily foreseen, yet, paradoxically, nobody was expecting it to happen. The roads of despair ceased to be circumscribed to the boats of death, but expanded also to coaches, lorries, cars, bicycles, trains, and even to walking. From the north, west, and the east, at a certain point it was clear that there would have been no way to keep the refugees away: they needed to be accepted. This is when the “hostile” nations have suddenly opened their borders, Germany in the first place. But they have not done so indiscriminately, welcoming anyone who showed up, Iraqi, Syrian, Libyan, Egyptian or Nigerian. No. Frau Merkel has chosen with attention whom to help, concerned more with the German GDP (gross domestic product) rather than with the needs of the fugitives. And so, as if in a gigantic reality show, she decided who could enter the suite (Germany) and who had to find shelter in the hovel (southern Europe). The Syrians have been “appointed”.

There is a reason, and it is light-years distant from mere relief. The Syrian people, in fact, is, on average, more educated than the other Arab countries; they dress, eat, and thinks as the West and have an upbringing that is closer to our standards. Besides, they are laborious. In short: the ideal workforce to be immediately integrated into the German production process (that is in need of several thousand workers) and useful to boost their domestic economy by purchasing the Teutonic products. A Syrian – just to give a trivial example – does not necessarily eat kebabs, nor looks for a tunic. But buys what he finds in the area where he lives, exactly as a German would do.

This is why even in reception, upon a closer view, we find the usual inevitable devastating defects of humanity: the search for profit mixed up with race selection. To the point that, after having “opened”, Germany has immediately “closed” with an increasing determination both its borders and its helpfulness. It is still something, you will say … of course, but it is worrying that the great powers of the earth have not yet realized that only by thinking the world as “a community”, there can be a real possibility of improvement and harmony between peoples. Without this inspiration we remain ensnared in a countdown in which, sooner or later, the lack of equilibrium in the world will backfire against the world itself. This generation of leaders has not figured it out yet. The only thing left is to hope in the next one.

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