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He was charged with sexual abuse against his own children, condemned, kept away, imprisoned (with all the consequences, that come out of such an infamous accusation), and destroyed both  as a man and as a father. In the dock there was him and his truth to which nobody gave credit, and on the other side his wife and the stories of his two sons. Now, 15 years later, the boys (who in the meantime have grown up) have decided to free their consciences of this horrible weight: everything was invented. Or better, dictated by the mom whose goal was that of removing the ex-husband from her life for ever.

Libero’s story (fantasy name) has become topical again. On the shoulders of the 46-year-old man of Sardinian origin who moved to Brescia still weighs a sentence to 9 years of jail. “Medical investigations could not ascertain abuse”, wrote the experts. Yet, the declarations made by his wife and children sufficed. And only today the process will be revised. A dramatic situation that re-emerges during the same days when starts the process against Martina and Alex, the so-called “acid pair’, accused of having scarred Stefano Savi, victim of a case of mistaken identity. The target of the attack, in fact, was supposed to be Giuliano Carparelli, who had had a relationship with the woman in the past. Another drama in a world in which human relationships crumble away.

Hence, Libero’s case is not an isolated one. And to say so, is not a plethora of chauvinist  and insensitive men, but honourable women magistrates heard by the Commission at Palazzo Madama. Make no mistake, no one wants to underestimate the seriousness of the shameful physical and sexual violence of which women are victims; but when those are true. “Whoever invents and uses such information for purposes other than those declared – says Fabio Nestola from Adiantum, an association devoted to the protection of minors and separated fathers – does not harm only the children and the former spouse, because the false accuse insults, first of all, those who have really undergone such violence”.

An impressive, even unthinkable percentage in the eyes of those who have never entered the whirl of judicial cases of separation. Studies on the problems in this sector show that during the last 16 years can be observed an instrumental use of the accusation, as well as the charge with violence as a means of achieving objectives other than those declared. A slap in the face of the concept of the children’s  protection, selfishly interpreted as mere possession.

“Abuse in the family – explained in Commission (as far as in 2009) Carmen Pugliese, the Bergamo deputy public prosecutor– is becoming a weapon of retaliation for the civil disputes during separations… it is established that the versions provided by the alleged victims are deliberately inflated.  Only in 2 cases out of 10 abuses are real”.

Also the report of the deputy prosecutor of the Court of Pistoia, Jacueline Monica Magi is interesting:  “The false denouncements come, in almost 100% of the cases, from women, often mothers who are trying to keep the former husband away from their children”. And, in the context of the accusations of this kind, that of sexual violence is the “easiest” one in order to oust the father from the children’s lives.

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