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We always have to start from the person, not from the “money-god”, and rediscover the need for a “sympathetic and social use of money,  where the capital does not control people, but people control the capital”. A few simple but direct words with which Pope Francis reiterated once again the importance and the need to think about young people, for whom there are no workplaces, and to encourage the birth of new cooperatives so as to promote the development of the weakest part of the local communities and civil society.

This is the mission the Pontiff entrusted to the leaders of the Roman Cooperative Credit Bank, that together with their family members partook in an audience in the Vatican. Besides, adding a few last words to his speech, the Pope asked explicitly for an “economy of honesty”, because “currently corruption is everywhere”.

This can be done only “by partaking actively in globalization, so as to transform it into globalization of solidarity”. Besides, according to Francis, “the BCC may become the core around which to build a great network to ensure the birth of industries that will provide employment, in order to support families, to experience microcredit and other ways of humanizing economy”.

All this can ” give the opportunity to every man and every woman to have the dignity that derives from work.” The indication the Pope offered to the bank is to “take a leading role in proposing and implementing new solutions of welfare, starting from health’. “Worry about the relationship between economy and social justice, starting from the dignity and the value of the people”, he insisted, exhorting them to “facilitate and encourage the lives of the families, and to put forward cooperative and mutual solutions for the management of common goods that should not become the property of a few nor an object of speculation”.

“Every cooperative – he summed up – is summoned to apply those lines to its specific mission. You are a credit cooperative, and you are the largest Cooperative Credit Bank in Italy”. And even if  “it can happen that a cooperative becomes a large company”, “this continues not to be its primary challenge. The most important challenge is to grow while continuing to be a true cooperative and to become even more so. This implies encouraging the active participation of its members. Do together and do for the others”.

“Obviously, a sound and prudent management is always valid for everyone”, concluded the Pontiff recalling that “the origin of the Casse Rurali there was desire for the credit cooperative to encourage other initiatives of cooperation”, a spirit that “remains in force”. Besides, encouraging the BCC, in the person of its employees and executives, to “participate actively and generously in the lives of all the cooperative movement” by exercising ” the mission of the cooperative credit with fidelity, creativity consistency, and with the joy that derives from working for the common good”.

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