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migranti ungheria

The wall between Hungary and Serbia should be finished next week. A defeat for Europe, that is going to witness a new barrier in its bosom, dividing the West from the East, well-being from despair. Its construction, announced a few months ago by the populist premier Orban, represents the culmination of a stormy week, that begun with the block of the trains at the Budapest railway station and continued with Petra Laszlo, a journalist of the right-wing daily ”Magyar Nemzet”, who tripped up a refugee, an action for which he was later dismissed. In between, there are the dramatic images of migrants barricaded behind the metal fence of one of the two refugee camps in Roszke where food is thrown to hundreds of people over the bars.

And let us not forget about the bishop László Kiss-Rigo who stated that the Pope is wrong  on the matter of refugees’ reception in his country and who spoke of an authentic Islamic “invasion” with the purpose of eradicating Christianity in Europe.  “He is right – told to Interris.it a local source, that asked us to remain anonymous – they want to destroy both European culture and Christianity. Only a small number of those who arrive are refugees. The majority are ISIS militants who are waiting for the Caliph’s command. You will see what is going to happen in Europe”. According to our interlocutor, truth is different from the one described by the international media. “In Hungary migrants are not mistreated, they are the people who do not behave themselves. They arrive with tablets, without any documents and do not want to register, and this is the only thing the authorities ask them to do”. And it is not true, he says, that they are treated “like animals, they behave so”. Those who are arriving on the territory of Hungary “do not follow the rules, do not want to provide their personal details to the reception centres, and even refuse food”. More than that, according to what tells us the source, the exodus of immigrants from Syria has a direction and a precise purpose: that of “destabilising a State which opposes the policies of the European Union”.

Those are words that make us understand how the problem is perceived from within.  Yet, they do not justify the extreme measures taken by the Hungarian government. Considering that in this multitude, there are also women, elderly, and children. Fragile and weak people, not soldiers. Backed by the new laws on immigration, Orban’s last move was the announcement of his intention to arrest, starting from September 15, whoever enters Hungary illegally. These laws were conceived with the aim of contrasting arrivals, while the number of the people who have come to the country has already reached 170 thousand and according to the Ministry of Justice, by the end of the year the number may reach 500 thousand. Those who enter Hungary illegally run the risk of being imprisoned for 5 years. Among the new offences there will be also damage of the barriers on the border, as the one, 175 kilometres long, that is being built on the border with Serbia. “As of September 15, Hungarian authorities will not forgive illegal crossing of the border”, said the conservative politician who has transformed into his flags the slogans on the fight to preserve Christian identity and European prosperity. “They have invaded railway stations, refused to register their fingerprint, have not cooperated and do not want to go to places where they would be offered water, food, accommodation and medical care. They have opposed resistance to Hungarian legal system”, he has said to the reporter.

In an attempt to unblock the situation, the German foreign minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier met in Prague the Countries of the Visegrad group (Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Poland), who opposed the quota mechanism desired by the European Commission in order to distribute the refugees. “I told my colleagues that we must agree on a fair mechanism of redistribution of migrants,” said Steinmeier, stressing that the emergency cannot weight entirely on the shoulders of a single country. Germany expects to receive 800 thousand refugees this year, and during the next week alone 40 thousand people are expected to arrive. On their journey toward the final destination which for most refugees is Germany, that days ago has opened its doors to the Syrians, on Thursday 8 thousand people have crossed the border between Hungary and Austria and 3,600 more arrived during the night. According to the police, about 1,500 people were forced to sleep in the open air tonight, with temperature below 10 degrees. The connections of the Austrian federal railways remain suspended over the weekend due to the “massive overload” of migrants.  Also the highway to Hungary was partially blocked. And many refugees continue to try to move westwards by foot. A continuous tragedy, daughter to a short-sighted Europe that, as usually, is trying to patch things up when the bubble has exploded.

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