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“The most beautiful things are first done, then thought”, this is what repeated often, the founder of my own community, don Benzi; yesterday he received from heaven his 90 years. This was one of his overwhelming and seemingly foolish ways of indicating the importance of being guided by the Spirit. This is how was born this “communicative madness”, definitely polluted by the scent of holiness that I was lucky enough to experience next to him. Among the “beautiful things”, that have been already done, there is also In Terris; an international newspaper born out of a dream, from a dialogue between journalists, from the desire to communicate without being manipulated, with the desire not to be some lobby’s puppet…

Perhaps with many defects and limitations, and certainly without the financial possibilities of those who are powerful. Yet, the media have changed many things in the vast world of journalism by offering the possibility to be there and to make our voice heard when something unique, qualitative,  and original needs to be promoted.

In all modesty we have never thought to gather about 3 million viewers in such a short time; that through the computer monitoring we would know to find in Italy but with a growing interest also from other countries of the world.  

And we have not imagined it could be liked by so many categories of people who are so different. I was struck by readers concerned more about the content of the articles than about their titles, seeing that they were really interested and often ready to debate in critical but constructive ways.

In Terris has revealed, only a year after its birth, to be a newspaper which is growing quickly and which is gaining interest and appreciation. We have demanding readers that prompt us to mature. We have senior journalists and trainees, quality staff that lend their talents to a purpose that goes beyond simple profit. In Terris, in fact, plays an important cultural mission which aims at disseminating anthropological, ethics, social and even religious  values, with an original approach to Christian roots that the West has forgotten and denied.

We have published many life stories, dramatic stories, diversified facts discovering how the reader is just eager to meet with reality and truth while being tired of reading the usual sterile polemics or profanities, insults and gossip. Today that type of journalism begins not to reward more because exaggeration, lies, the so-called “too much” that  “is often excessive are sometimes unhealthy” at the end it self annihilates and collapses.

Sometimes people have asked us not to write a certain people considered unpleasant or even unworthy. Well these requests have never been listened to because of the freedom, dignity and respect that the newspaper must maintain. We want to accommodate even the opinions among the most contrasting, give voice to all so that both the readers can express their opinion but only on the condition that there must be no calumnies nor generalization.

The “no” said to some extremist readers we also addressed certain strong powers, incapable of understanding that a newspaper can live without strange alliances or compromise. In Terris has its own character, recognizable even from the clear position it takes on the defense of human dignity.

To don Benzi and Vergin Mary, whose nativity the Church celebrates today, is dedicated and entrusted this humble tool of information.


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