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A biblical exodus that will last more than twenty years. Hundreds of thousands of people are crossing continents fleeing from wars, hunger, and violence. A phenomenon that has burst at present, but is the result of old strategies. Europe feels invaded. Hypocritical and cynics leaders feed xenophobia and fear, that are daughters to complete ignorance. Walls and barbed wire, which we considered to have been definitively demolished during the last century, are being built again. European nations are close in their selfishness, forgetting that the Great exodus from the Middle East and Africa is caused by the iniquitous choices  made in the capitals of the Old Continent and in the United States. That the neo-liberal colonialism has continued to plunder resources and support tyrannical regimes which continue to rape their own peoples. This is why they are fleeing.

They escape towards life. They risk their lives in this attempt not to surrender to resignation, not to accept certain death because of bombs, mass executions, or hunger. Let us look, then, more into detail at what is happening behind this huge exodus. Africa has seen for decades its countries being shaken by continuous tribal conflicts and bloody dictatorships. To those cancers should be added also the jihadists who seek to obtain power and territories through sheer ferocity. On a continent where drought and thirst are endemic. There are countries where children who survive beyond the age of two years constitute only 3% and where women still die in childbirth. A continent that lives in the nightmare of periodic epidemics that are fatal, such as Ebola. Migrants, those called ”economic” by those who are more cynical, flee from this kind of situations.

Aspects that the West ignores and worries about only when they explode. By West we mean the governments because civil society, that of the ONLUS and Christian missions, know those situations well. They understand and face them on a daily basis, helped by solidarity and volunteer work. In this magma, the West and, more specifically, Europe, has sought to change the fate of those people by injecting new chaos. And in Libya begun a war. To hunt a dictator. An alibi. Gadhafi  had been ruling for 40 years, there were proofs of the fact that he supported terrorism, yet no one had ever thought to remove him. Penalties, a few warning missiles, but nothing more. Quite the opposite: kisses and hugs with some European leaders. Someone has even accepted money for their campaigns, as in happened in France. The Libyan rebellion appeared to some European countries, such as France and Great Britain, as an opportunity to take  the concessions of the Libyan oil. It is not a chance, that a few months before the war in Libya, in 2011, Tripoli had denied drilling in the Gulf of Sirte to British oil companies.

Gaddafi was removed and Libya, from a tyrannical state, transformed into a bedlam with two governments, many militia groups, each one controlling a piece of territory and giving way to extremists who take as an example ISIS throats-cutters. A good result. After the bombs, Europe did not offer anything the governance needed there. As it always happens, those who benefit from the created chaos are the criminals and the new slave owners, who, at the times of Gaddafi, were controlled and managed by the rais, and at present can act without encountering any obstacles. And all those know-it-alls who say let us go to Libya and build there refugee camps or sink the boats before they leave, talk nonsense being able to produce only cheap populist phrases. In order to build refugee camps where chaos and the rebels reign, a military force is needed. Suffice it to think about what happened in Darfur where the fields of the UN were constantly under attack. Besides, the immigrant traffickers do not wait on the shores as if they rented pedal boats. The rafts are being camouflaged in the sand. The barges anchored among those of the true fishermen. It is obvious that something needs to be done, but to do it, we must be aware that it will take war operations and that there will be risk of perishing also for the good ones.


The dissolution of Iraq has led to a knock-on effect that is tearing apart the whole Fertile Crescent. The war declared to Saddam was one of the most unfortunate things one might have thought of. The same story was repeted here: they used the excuse of killing a dictator, presenting false evidence, and without any strategy to rebuild the country. Saddam was executed and Iraq ended up in Chaos, which became, in its turn, the cradle of  the most ferocious wing of Al Qaeda. Today we have ISIS. Under Saddam Hussein in Baghdad had been open five synagogues and Christians had professed their faith without problems. Hospitals had been open, there had been a railway system that connected the country, there had been industries. After 2003, everything disappeared. Persecuted Christians, fake wars between Islamic groups: Sunnis and Shiites went back to hating each other until death. In this scenario, the jihadists, once the leadership of the Al Qaeda had been abandoned, allied with Saddam’s former officers and set as their aim the conquest of power. In the world’s indifference, ISIS became a Caliphate. And let us admit it, Obama is not the only one to be blamed, because he withdrew American soldiers from Iraq. Before that, with Bush, the attacks and massacres happened on a daily basis, and the government backed by the White House barely managed to control Baghdad.

Then it was up to yet another revolt, that against another dictator: Assad in Syria. And the West was shocked: dictator and even allied with Moscow! The secular rebels were not helped and ISIS used this opportunity to get rid also of the Nusra group, loyal to Al Qaeda. The consequences are visible to everyone. Millions of Syrians are fleeing. They no longer stop in neighbouring countries, fearing, rightly, that the conflict will spread. ISIS cuts off heads, destroys antique monuments and the West throws a few bombs from time to time. After months, also France puts its aircrafts into action. Italy sends only aid and instructors. God forbid that we start bombing as well. Those bobs affect also innocent civilians who are whipsawed. ISIS,  the rebels, and the forces of Assad, that shoot at everything and everyone in the valiant attempt to suppress the revolt. Russia has sent airplanes to help its ally Assad and the United States raise their voice because they bomb also secular rebels.

But the White House does not say anything in Ankara where, with the excuse of fighting ISIS, something it has claimed for a long time, affects also the Kurds, the only power that is still working as a dyke for the Caliphate’s militia.

Television shows images of monuments destroyed by hooded ISIS and everyone is despairing. Yet, some task forces sent to those heritage sites of humanity and creating a safe zone as they did years ago in Kurdistan against the Saddam’s raid would suffice to help the situation.

A mission in which has partaken also Italy and its Folgore men. Syrians, Iraqi, Ethiopians, and Nigerians are fleeing from a fire that we have sparked and in some cases even fuelled. We have hunted dictators without supporting democratic leaders. We have even  contributed to destroying their ruling classes, and to leaving those countries in the hands of the extremists, or at best, of profiteers who exploit them. Today, we are afraid to open the doors to welcome those people. Some of us shout: let us help them in their homes countries. Unfortunately we went away and this is the result. Hosting them is not the solution.We must go at the root of the issue. Support new and capable leaders, eliminate extremist forces, and not only the dictators whom we do not like, and especially with economic policies that help those countries instead of making them suffer hunger.

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