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Life stories that put you at a crossroads and compel you to decide which way to go. And behind every choice there are always suffering, values, expectations, disappointments, sorrows, and joys. From this point of view, people are all alike, in every corner of the globe, at any given time.

Events that are far from our daily life, yet so important for the life of everyone. This is what In Terris has tried to propose to its readers since its first day of existence, – September 8, 2014, exactly a year ago –  paying special attention to what is happening in the world and is often ignored.

Every day we post a “slap”, the name given to the opening article of the newspaper, which is meant to point out our desire to shake consciences.

We have discussed the atrocities of Isis, but also about how the Islamic State is building in the conquered territories a kind of welfare, with health care, work, food distribution, and schools.

We have joined the debate on marriage and defended  the basic cell of society from the attacks traditional family is suffering at present times; we have discussed also gender theories and described the large movements of the masses willing to contrast relativist whims.

To offer news about the exodus of the migrants has been a primary goal for us from the very beginning. We have not stopped at counting dead bodies lost in the sea, but tried to look inside this escape, trying to understand its deep causes.

We have narrated personal stories, such as that of Natacha, a young Italian model who at a certain point in her life – due to a degenerative disease of the eyes – had to choose between motherhood and eyesight, between a baby and certain blindness. Today she is a beautiful mother of two, happy with the path she has chosen.

During this year of life we have managed to publish also some scoops that have resonated in important Italian media, such as La Repubblica, Corriere della Sera, Mediaset, and Rai, that have properly gratified our efforts by citing In Terris as a source. We have told small stories with a huge emotional impact, as that of the coloured girl chased by other students’ mothers from school, because she was suspected to have ebola for no reason; or as the absurd that was hanging in front of a school in Ardea, a village in the province of Rome, which prohibited children play.

Every day we put forward a different story, a point of view, an insight. Then, there are also the editorials, some of which – written by the manager don Aldo Buonaiuto – have gotten thousands of views. We offer strong positions that are inflammable because we say things the way they are, without fear: “The Massacre of the Innocents” , for instance, or “I Do Not Acquit You” , or even “Ukraine, the Forgotten War” , “September 11 Kills Again” , “Corruption in the Church” , “The Devil Exists” , “Do Not Miss the Connection with God” .

In order to alert our young people, we have treated topics related to the occult world, explained the deceptions and the dangers of what is initially presented as merely a game – “From Satan’s Claws into Mary’s Arms“, for example – and are, in truth, dangerous open gates for the devil.

During this year we have engaged also with the evils of the soul:  anorexia, bulimia, and depression, that attack first and foremost young men and women. Also in this case, we have chosen stories with a positive outcome, about people who have painstakingly pulled themselves out of the maelstrom. A hope for a new life.

We have published some curiosities, such as an article about the International Left-handers Day which has scored 90,000 likes on Facebook. Yes, because In Terris‘ site is integrated with all the social networks. Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, You Tube. On the last channel we have posted dozens of interviews both with famous personalities and not, which have been always interesting.

Finally, a “gem”: the cartoons , designed exclusively for our daily, which give our readers the possibility to read in a humorous, yet profound way some of the news we propose.

It has been a year of hard work, but done with passion and professionalism; in search of stories that have something offer to those who every day – and there are many of them- decide to connect with In Terris in order to get informed.


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