The disunited States of Europe

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These days we are witnessing various debates on issues concerning immigrants, that are causing serious difficulties to the disunited states of Europe.  For years Italy  has called out for the involvement of Europe in the emergency, but it was clear that the appetites of some nations on the opportunities to exploit resources in the poor states of Africa has slowed interest in all debates.

Today, everyone cries out for a strong Europe capable of stopping the exodus, some States build fences and rise nets on their borders, others seek to defend them with Armed Forces. The problem is focused by the media on the boats destined to sink with their human cargo of women, children, and men.Yet  only 25% of the total number of migrants arrive by sea.

Europe, seen from Africa as a land of Paradise, displays every day all of its weakness; and what happened in reception centres in Italy, proves once again the selfishness of the Man who wants to speculate on everything, even on the suffering of his neighbour.

What shall we do at this point? Continue to invest in walls and fences or deal with a problem that grows larger every day? Europe can no longer defend itself from the exodus, if not by implementing a policy that will be able to involve the States from which the greatest number of emigrants leave.

At the Expo we have had the proof of the fact, that the nations can talk to each other about large issues that are of interest to the whole mankind. The Holy Father, in his last Encyclical, drew the attention of the Church, to which people should pay attention, to the great theme of respect for the environment.

Praised be… How have we praised so far our world? A third of the world’s inhabitants has exploited and condemned to hunger  the other three-quarters of the planet. It profited from the poverty of the other, the neighbour whom he should have loved “as himself”.

This terrible truth should become a source of reflection and, perhaps, of confession and industrious repentance for our society, currently called to deal with the rest of the world. Ours is a society based on consumerism. We have wanted to ” review” ethic principles and to subvert the laws of nature; we have also promoted laws against life, on the exploitation of other people and on the facilitation of trafficking of human beings. We have justified the offense of human dignity, and even today, walking in the streets, we turn on heads away from the poor, prostitutes, sick or killed people.

Today, the return of the Lord is strong, in front of Abel’s lifeless body he tells us: “Where were you?” Our leaders should accelerate the dialogue with the States on other continents, implement measures for the coordination of relief in favour of those States, update the laws and the protocols concerning the definition of refugees, protocols whose guidelines have not changed since 1951. We have a very little exodus connected to the figure of the refugee; today the emergency is linked to the status of poverty of the political asylum-seekers. It constrains us to put into practice concrete measures of solidarity with the countries in a difficult situation. Otherwise the exodus will turn into an “invasion” and we will be forced to succumb; our “fat Europe” will be forced to immediate slimming diets that will determine its rapid disease, perhaps even extinction.

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