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(S)he picks up the phone, dials the free number found on a leaflet and talks to an operator. After having overcome embarrassment, the voice on the other side of the phone explained that his or her computer needed a navigation filter in order to block potentially hazardous or pornographic sites. So far, there is nothing out of common in this story. Yet,  the one who called 800,980,260 was a teenager and the PC (s)he wanted to lock was that of his/her father. This is not a movie, nor the plot of the last road-grill bestseller, but the words of Don Ilario Rolle from the Association, who is responsible for ensuring families, schools, libraries and companies, a safe and secure navigation. What is striking is that till not so long ago, parents made use of phone consultation, whereas at present are increasing the cases of young people who feel like their mum or dad  need to be brought up to given values. A cross section of reality that is at least worrying. It is also a slap to all those who believe that young people are not capable of discernment and do not possess good sense.

Certainly, those young people are an exceptions. The rule is that parents monitor their children. Since the inception of the Internet era, the habits of the population have gradually changed: the sound of the fingers on the keyboard of the computer, for example, has become a familiar noise early in the morning, then a quick check of the email, a glance at onе’s Facebook page, a glance at the news of the day, and in a few minutes of browsing the eye of the surfer is bombarded with images, video, and advertising.

All that appears on the margins of the page one is consulting, is not more than a constant invitation to irk human needs: to eat, drink, make new friends, become thinner and more beautiful, buy clothes and satisfy their sexual fantasies with a secret peek. It is even worse when you end up in a channel linked to the occult or esoteric worlds. In this ocean of possibilities in which one has the feeling of having the world at her/his fingertips, the Association has deemed necessary to fix some “Pillars of Hercules” that cannot be crossed, a boundary that defines what is good from and what can be potentially harmful. Through the most advanced technologies, one can filter sites containing pornography, violence, magic, Satanist messages, and any other obscenities, improper especially for children.

The basic principle of the portal is to recognize the potential of the web by directing new generations to use it in a healthy way; not a campaign for repression of curiosity, but a new possibility for upbringing. The first step recommended to parents is to encourage a sincere dialogue with their children about their interests on the web and to determine the goals of their navigation, so as to urge the young to a conscious use of the Internet; it is important, especially for those who have teenagers at home, to prepare them not to provide personal details such as the address, phone number, email, and photos, nor to agree to meet people they came to know on the web.

To simplify this phase of growth it is better not to leave the PC in the children’s room, but to place it in a shared space, for the use of all the members of the family, defining from the very beginning the adequate time for navigation. There are just a few simple but effective rules, that help not only the youngest, but also adults to make progress in  technology, a tool at the service of humanity, not its ultimate slavery.

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