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A holidaymaker out of five, according to the doctors, suffers from return-from-holidays stress. It is not an actual disease, experts point out, but it should not be underestimated. Among the most common symptoms there are asthenia, attention deficit, headache, low energy level, widespread sense of malaise but also digestive disorders, muscle pain, insomnia, and sudden changes in mood, faintness, however, destined to disappear within a few weeks. There are about 32 million Italians who moved during the holidays this year, according to a research conducted by Confesercenti, about 2 million more than last year. Puglia, Sicily and Tuscany are the most preferred destinations for vacationers, who will come back in mass during those last weekends of August.

To prevent the manifestation of the above -mentioned disorders it is important to resume gradually. It is better, returning to the daily routine, not to restore immediately the normal rhythms held before the holidays, but to give time to your body to get used, at least for the first few days. A healthy lifestyle can help to alleviate discomfort due to stress, especially eating light foods, avoiding  “to binging oneself” and doing  physical activity, may have a significant beneficial effect. Even a simple stroll in the evening or during the lunch break can distract your mind from problems and help you overcome the shock caused by the return.

It may be helpful to grant yourself time in the open air, especially during those last summer weeks. Sunlight allows our body to produce vitamin D3 which helps to fight stress and depression. Holidays have ended, but there are still the weekends to carve personal moments of tranquillity. Good sleep is very important during this period. To avoid using electronic devices such as smartphones and computers before bedtime is a good rule. Also the blue light of the screens interferes with the production of melatonin which regulates the rhythms of sleep.

Another trick is to prepare in advance. If you return to a clean and welcoming house, without piles of backlog of work in the office, the will be return less traumatic. Delegate your responsibilities at work, put an automatic reply on your mail and do not leave “outstanding accounts”. To solve work or personal problems before you leave is essential for a serene return home.

Lately has been increasing the number of Italians who take work when they go on vacation, according to a research made on InfoJobs , 74% of Italians keeps ita mind busy with work during the holidays, 32% of the total claims to be fully available for colleagues, whereas 36% offers its availability only in case of emergency. To keep up with the events in the office is now easier than ever due to new technologies, but, at times it is advisable to take time completely off from work.

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