Everyone is a ”killer”

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The killer who murdered the two American journalists who filmed what he was doing, has posted it on social media, to be sure he has the visibility he thought to deserve, and in so doing, he has shown the world the terrible result of his action.

We have got offended, we experienced horror. Yet, this dynamic is much closer to us than we think; it is enough to give a glance on Facebook in order to see the rate of existing verbal violence, it is often not justified by personal interests, nor by facts, nor by contingent episodes. The social media, sometimes, become a way to unleash personal frustrations that, however, necessarily, must find a butt. The vocabulary used above alone points to the seriousness – conceptually – of certain attitudes put forward by so-called “normal” people are not so far away from those of the “mad” killer. The difference of course lies in the fact that the bullets kill, but also a constant  hatred campaign may trigger in unbalanced  minds that germ which  leads later to perform foolish acts. And however it causes anger, pain, aggression.

It comes often to screaming one’s truth, denying, thus, room to any kind of dialog; because if someone is convinced to hold the “truth” in his pocket, (s)he does not need to measure with the other, and if one goes so far as to “yell” it, it means that the limit of wisdom has already been exceeded.

Violence can be found not only on social media, but also in TV series and even in cartoons for children – full of blood, dead, skeletons, monsters and so on… -; it has now become a traveling companion. Which confers normal appearance to what is common, causes a certain habit because of which, in the best case, brutality does have provokes horror in us anymore, and in the worst becomes a modus operandi that inevitably causes disasters.

Can we stop the world? No, but we can do something, even in our daily lives: use better out remote control, PC, smart phone, and video games.  Trying to feed our children with programs that are not prone to clash, with posts that do not uphold wrong values, with cartoons which do not make protagonists out of monsters, skeletons and other models ever closer to the occult.

It is not easy, but we have the tools. By switching the “channel” we could contribute to changing attitudes. And to clean up the social media of the future, and therefore, society itself, from blind and destructive violence.

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