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One thing is to wish a fruitful work for the human and Christian defense, another thing is to give a “blessing” to the gender topic. The hue and cry whipped about the presuming openness of the Pope is based on this misunderstanding, when actually there’s no change of course. In the original text there isn’t, as certain media is affirming, the generic exhortation to go ahead, but it is hoped to work for youths education spreading human and evangelical values”.

Francesca Pardi, founder with her partner Maria Silvia Fiengo, of the children publishing house Stampatello, told the Ansa, and posted on facebook, she have received a letter by the Pope after sending a missive: “He encouraged me to go ahead and he blessed me”, said the writer in the storm centre after the book blacklist by the mayor of Venice.

But this is not exactly how things are. Pope’s thought on gender theories isn’t changed, and it has been clearly expressed in different occasions: last 8th June in occasion of the meeting with bishops of Porto Rico, seen in Limina, he said: “the complementarity between man and woman vertex of divine creation, is called into question by the so-called gender ideology, in the name of a freer and more righteous society”. Actually, Francis advised, “the differences between man and woman aren’t about contraposition or subordination but about communion and generation, always in the image of God, in his likeness. “Without mutual contribution, he added, nobody can deeply understand each other”.

In the general hearing of last 15th April he was clear: “I wonder, said Francis, if the so-called gender theory is an expression of a frustration and a resignation, which aims at deleting the sexual differences because it cannot confront each other. Yes, we risk to step back. The repression of the difference is the problem, not the solution”.

The interpretations on the presuming Church’s openness about this topic are exclusively Pardi’s considerations, who hope, she says, “that this gesture starts a change about the tones of “other families” topic, a mayor respect for people like me in a period in which we sense to be object of  a crusade”.

The writer sent the Pope a letter with the entire catalog of the books edited by Lo Stampatello, hoping for a reading. “You wouldn’t find among these pages, she wrote, not even a shadow of that gender theory of which these books would be the main instrument: where are we telling the children that they can choose their gender? Where do we talk about sex?

Then the letter by the monsignor Peter B. Wells came from the office in charge of answering everyone who turns to Peter’s See. To manipulate a respectful answer, distorting it to throw it to the media, putting words in Pope’s mouth, is just the umpteenth exploitation.

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