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In the case concerning the Planned Parenthood clinic, that is shaking up America, but is not much debated in Italy, have emerged new frightening details. After the first video – shot secretly – in order to denounce the traffic of never-born human organs, that is, the marketing of parts of aborted foetuses, another movie reveals the alleged horrors, on which the police has been formally asked to investigate.Http://www.interris.it/2015/07/22/67002/posizione-in-primo-piano/schiaffog/traffico-di-organi-mai-nati.html

Under the spotlight there is Holly O’Donnell and her witnessing. She is former technician of the American company Stem Express which provides blood and human tissues for research and which was the partner of two large branches of Planned Parenthood of Northern California. The woman describes, not without embarrassment, the procedure used in the clinic situated in San Jose to extract organs from aborted foetuses, destined to be sold for scientific experiments.

Before entering the “gallery of horrors”, it is worth considering the following: if the organs of children who fell victims to abortion are useful for research, then crumbles immediately the theory according to which up to a certain week of gestation (the one when abortion is still allowed) life is supposedly not yet formed. What is being sold, in fact (and the term alone is enough to send shivers down your spine), is a “living” organ, part of a human body in the process of being formed. Whose growth is violently stopped. Killed, to be more precise. Far from being merely an agglomerate of cells.

“She (the supervisor) – tells O’Donnel about a post abortion – gave it a “bump” on the heart, and it started to beat. I was sitting there, looking at this foetus with a beating heart, and I did not know what to think. It was perfectly intact, I could see its face, the nose was prominent”. A slap in the face of life.

But this is not the only disturbing part of the story: “The greatest difficulty in obtaining an intact foetus is the calvarium, that is to say, the head, an operation for which the patient is asked to cooperate, as it happens when a woman gives birth, no more no less. To add horror to the story there might be also the defence of Planned Parenthood by a Satanist sect. According to the Washington Examiner, during a great national event of protest (organized in 300 American squares) against the methods of the abortion clinic and the formal request for the suspension of federal funds, some followers of a satanic temple have staged a counter-manifestation which consisted in two women who knelt and were then bathed in milk in a sort of “purification”.

“The satanic temple – have said the organizers of this counter-event – strongly opposes disinformation and believes that all people have the right to take decisions concerning their own health, family, and future, without coercion. We consider our action a form of worshiping, rejection of tyranny, and an affirmation of individuality”. Delirious statements seasoned with accusations towards “a perverse theocratic system that seeks to manipulate our communities”.

Despite all this, the battle of David Daleiden, the young man who shot the denouncing video, continues, and week after week, is shaking up consciences made in USA.  In a globalised world, to think that this type of approach is limited to a geographical area is an illusion. What is now  happening in America is a borderline operation, with techniques that seek not to go beyond the federal abortion ban. But law is law, morality is something else.

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