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From England to Australia, via Spain (The Guardian, Daily Mail, Sydney Morning Herald, the Times, Fox News, The La Nacion, El Mundo, Rt Sepia Mas, Pulso): the main newspapers of the world put Rome on their covers again due to an event ,that somehow affects the image of the Capital.  After the investigation on Mafia and the waste-related issues, now the description that is emblazoned in those newspapers is that of a Rome that bows to the “Boss”.


Only a few hours  have passed after the funeral of the one defined as “the King of Rome”, whose funeral rites were celebrated with a Rolls Royce, a vintage coach drawn by 6 horses with black plume, a 12 Suv and a limousine, all crowned by a cascade of rose petals poured from the sky and, in the background, “The Godfather” soundtrack to accompany the funeral procession. A true film set whose wise direction has remained in the shadow, unknown even to the priest who celebrated the mass, and who, when asked for an explanation, was surprised: his competence – as it has been stated also by the Vicariate – are limited to what happens inside the church.

Yesterday was the day of the “funeral-show”, today is the day of controversy: “Rome has been affronted, a very worrying fact”, they have attacked from the PD, whereas Sel has invested the Parliament with the case, asking the Minister Alfano to explain the legal aspect of the story: who was in charge of the operation and who has granted the permissions. “Apology of the underworld should not be allowed to anyone. We ask the religious authorities to take distance and we think that the civil authorities, the police station in the first place, should give some answers on what happened”.

Is worried also the mayor Marino who has called the Prefect to ask for investigations to be carried out with extreme rigour. The Interior Minister Angelino Alfano has taken action as well, asking Franco Gabrielli a “detailed report” on the affair.

The legality councillor of the Municipality of Rome, Alfonso Sabella, noted yesterday that the glitz of Casamonica can be compared only with what took place in Sicily during Mafia’s golden years. The Rolls Royce – explains Sabella – is the car traditionally used during the weddings of the Cosa Nosta bosses. At the funerals of the heads of Mafia during the ’60 and the ’70, instead, were employed horses barded with brass, that drew the hearse. Also Leoluca Bagarella chose as background music for the video of his marriage The Godfather soundtrack. The helicopter, for the use of which we will check if proper permissions were granted, and that seems to be a novel element, clearly aimed at a making even more spectacular a distressing event, so as to show their “subjects” the power and wealth of the deceased King and of his heir princes, as well as to mark the ability of the association to act as if not only the land of the capital, but also heaven belonged to them.


Don Bosco’s church in Cinecittà is not a novelty in Press. It was discovered, in fact, that the parish known to the Romans for its insurmountable dome visible kilometres away, is the same one that, in 2006, denied the funeral to Piergiorgio Welby. Sick of Sla, in the final phase, the man asked the medical staff to pull out the plug (he became a symbol of euthanasia) and was denied a religious funeral. “I do not know if Casamonica were a boss or not – comments Mina Welby to the AGI – but how many bosses have been condemned and have had  funerals in the church? None of us has the right to judge, yet I can say that I am still outraged by the decision of the Vicariate of Rome to deny my husband a religious funeral. I have never overcome nor forgotten Ruini’s negative answer”.

But  this is not the only case:  during the ’90’s in the same church was celebrated the funeral of Renato De Pedis, the Boss of Magliana. A series of unexpected coincidences. It is in the apparent calm of the Roman square that in a few hours exploded a true bomb that affected at the same time the Capital, the Vicariate, Safety, and Legality”.


In an interview to Repubblica, the priest explains what happened: Their behaviour in the Church was flawless. No signs of excessive luxury or actions that can be considered out of place. The ceremony was collected, they have also participated at the prayers’. Everything happened outside”. To the question about what was said in the homily and if there were any specific references, he responds: “Absolutely not. I spoke of hope and of how we should prepare for death. But I believe that homilies ad personam need to be avoided”. On whether the procession needed to be blocked or not, the priest reiterated: “I am here to act as a priest, it was not by duty to stop the funeral”.

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