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Some people insist on calling it a “cozy life”, but prostitution is a nightmare. It is not a chance that father Oreste Benzi said that no woman is born to be a prostitute, meaning that there are always elements of physical, psychological, and environmental constraint or necessity, that push them to take this path. The serious episode of the young woman from Turin who has been butchered by a client shows even to the most distracted how violent and dangerous this environment is, surely not embraced out of one’s own will. There are abandonment and violence behind it, many young women are sold by families that live in misery. In front of the mirage of a job in Europe, it is presented as a life change that seems desirable.

Reality is different because the promised job does not exist. They are deceived and enslaved, segregated, without documents, threatened with revenge on their families. The number of their performances is controlled; a desperate life that goes against their human nature of a women and a mothers; indeed, it happens often that they get pregnant.

These women do not need anyone to judge them, but someone to help them to escape the infernal circle of prostitution. Sometimes this happens due to the associations, such as Pope John XXIII, other times with the help of the police.

In cultural terms, it has to be said that there is a narcissistic personality cult that glorifies external beauty. Also TV puts forward as normal all the business behind the human body, from selling beauty products to women being offered to men.

The constraint concept is eliminated from the debate. It disappear as if selling and purchasing beauty were always a choice and even a positive one. There is no canalization of corporal and sexual life that expresses a love relation culminating in marriage. It is a body cult that has no goals outside itself, which moves emotion and instinct, usually masculine, with the aim to transfer money.

There is business behind every offer of this kind, everything becomes justifiable, even right. So, the real nature of what happens escapes our attention:  ruined people, enslaved woman and a money-making machine that someone wants to leave the way it is.

The only aim of those responsible for this collective brainwashing is to take advantage of people in order to profit. Only when tragedies, such as the one in Turin, happen, we remember that not everything is licit, that those women have not chosen to be out there. Theirs is not a life.

Translated by Ecaterina Severin

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