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Often people get drunk before taking a dangerous road. A sad end is a real and high risk. Therefore it should be anaesthetized one way or another. But this is precisely why people do it: to feel adrenaline run through their body, to feel the thrill of death.

Human beings have always challenged nature and tried to overcome their own limits, but more often than not, this was done for a purpose: to reach peaks, discover new worlds, explore space, expand one’s knowledge. All the aulic component there was in this attitude, we have lost over the centuries, transforming it into playgrounds, but at least they put safety as fundamental element of existence.


But there are those who are not satisfied with this emotion. They want to risk for real, to feel the vital electrical discharge run through their body (and this is what we need to reflect on…) in order to feel alive. At least until death decides to become the protagonist.

It happens more often than we might think, both on individual and collective levels, starting from bungee jumping and ending with bullfights and bulls pursuit along the narrow streets of the city.

Sanfermines 2013 festival in PamplonaIn the past few days, three more people have died after being hit by horns inside the encierros organized in different parts of Spain this time of the year. Since the beginning of the year there have been six victims, including a French tourist, in the popular racing with the bulls that is held every summer throughout the country. A man died on Saturday at Penafiel, near Valldolid. Jose Alberto Penas Lopez, 36, writes El Pais, was the town Councillor of the nearby municipality of Traspinedo. Two other people died during the encierros in Museros, near Valencia, and Blanca, near Murcia, in Spain.The most well-known encierros are those of Saint Firmin in Pamplona, made famous all around the world by Ernest Hemingway.

But outside the pages of the novels there is blood on the ground. As that of the torero Saul Jimenez Fortes, hit in theneck on Sunday, during a bullfight in Vitigudino, near Salamanca. The matador was operated for four hours, till three o’clock in the morning, at the Hospital of Salamanca. He is hospitalized in the intensive care unit. He had knelt down to execute a movement of technical virtuosity in front of the bull, when the animal hit him in the neck and dragged him toward the wall of the arena. “It was terrible.” said to Efe his spokesman, Nemesio Matias “The horn entered his throat, hit the tongue, the area of the nose, the palate and arrived at the base of his skull”.

Another known matador, Francisco Rivera Ordonez , said ‘Paquirri’, was seriously wounded by a bull in his  stomach in Huesca last week. After a long operation, he was transferred to the hospital of San Jorge in Zaragoza, specialized in providing care to injured bullfighters.

After millennia we have not yet realized that challenging nature in all its different manifestations, does no good.  Especially if you do it merely for entertainment, in which the main purpose is to wait for something bad to happen. Because all in all – let us admit it – this is what the whole thing is about.

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