DISCOVERED THE OLDEST FLOWER , THE FOSSIL GOES BACK TO 130 MILLION YEARS AGO The study of Indiana University was published in the journal of the US Academy of Sciences

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The first flowers bloom on Earth date back about 130 million years ago. It is the flower of a water plant, the Montsechia vidalii. They had petals and facilities to produce nectar and lived all their life cycle underwater. Apparently, the plant grew in abundance in fresh water lakes in what is now the mountain regions of Spain. The discovery was made by a group of the American College of Indiana, led by Professor David Dilcher, and their discovery was published in the journal of the US Academy of Sciences (PNAS). “This discovery raises important questions on the evolution of flowering plants, their role in the evolution of other plants and the relationship you have always had with the insects for pollination,” said Dilcher.

According to what Dilcher describes in his studio, flowers Montsechia vidalii, were discovered about 100 years ago, but until now have always been misinterpreted. Date back to a period between 125 and 130 million years ago when dinosaurs were still alive, and resembled the common hornwort, a dark green aquatic plant that it is easy to find near the ponds. “The first flower is technically a myth, as the first human being,” said Dilcher, adding that according to the new analysis of the fossil is thought that these plants could be even older dell’Archaefructus sinensis, an aquatic plant discovered in China and until now considered the oldest flowering plant.

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