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A dream that begins when you are still a little girl, from when you want to look like Cristina Chiabotto, or have the same success as Anna Valle and Martina Colombari. To wear a glittering crown on your head, to hold a sceptre so as to feel closer to fairy-tale princesses is the hope of all those young women who partake in Miss Italy, the most famous beauty contest of the ‘beautiful country’. Provincial festivals, that are a fundamental part of Italian customs, are considered by many young women a springboard for entering the world of work, especially for becoming well-known. In fact, many of them are noticed during those events, and later chosen as models or actresses.

But there are also young women who do not follow mainstream tendencies nor the crowd’s opinion, and prefers to use their own head. Federica Boscolo Bisto’s story offers one such example. Her decision to withdraw in order to accept a job in a small shop in the near future, has gone viral on the Web. It has attracted lots of positive comments, but also some perplexities. Everything started in Sant’Anna di Chioggia (Venice), the town in which this gorgeous 19-year-old young woman lives with her parents. The idea of participating in Miss Italia was born by chance, due to some friends’ and acquaintances’ advice. “Everyone I have ever met, has said ‘why do not you partake in a beauty contest?”’- She says – partially because if insecurity, partially because I was not interested; I have never done anything like that before”.

Temptation to break through in the world of show business is strong and, after a few days of reflection , Federica decides to give it a try. The path seems downhill at the very beginning: she participates in “Miss Rocchetta Beauty” and obtains the band that gives her access to the selections for the most beloved provincial festival during which she takes the second place. The hardest part is done: now Federica can really start to dream. Then she receives the phone call. The young woman answers and from the other side of the phone line, her interlocutor offers her a job as a shop assistant. You have understood it right: not a contract worth millions, not a role in an advertising spot, nor the leading role in a TV drama. A regular job in a small shop. This is when Federica really grows up. When she understands that, sometimes, life compels you to make a choice. For her, the choice is now between the quest for fame and the most simple and powerful of human aspirations: a job.

Many other young women would have hung up, but not Federica who understands the value and importance of an occupation, even if it is humble, at a time that is complicated both from a social and an economic points of view. Aware of all this, Federica seizes the opportunity and accepts the offer, abandoning thus the path made of fashion shows, bikinis, and night dresses, that could have led her to Pala Arrex of Jesolo, where on Sunday, September 20, the finals of Miss Italy will be held. A slap in the face of the prophets of a plastic world in which appearance counts more than essence.

Federica’s choice goes against the mainstream tendency. Many young people partake in talent shows, song and beauty contests, nourishing the hope of reaching the top. The world of entertainment is more and more frequently seen as an option, a real and tangible life opportunity, even more so when it is studded with easy success, fun, and fame. Yet, there young people who, as Federica, prefer not to pursue the myth of beauty contests and of the world of entertainment. They understand the importance of a job at a time of crisis, that strikes first and foremost young people.

Translated by Ecaterina Severin

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