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What do Paul McCartney, Diego Armando Maradona, Bill Clinton, and Bill Gates have in common? Certainly today’s recurrence. Yet, it is not their birthday, but the International Left-handers Day. Once considered to be faulty individuals, to the point of constraining them to use the right hand, recently, left-handers have been re-evaluated. There are even people who consider them to be more creative than right-handers. Someone believes that the quality of being left-handed is a sign of genius. Many religions and human cultures, however, have historically shared a negative judgment on the phenomenon: suffice it to think of the Jewish and Christian traditions in which the left hand is associated with the devil because it is considered to be the “hand of the devil”.

The “Revenge” of the left-handers owes much to the neurophysiological studies which have developed scientific hypotheses on the origins of the prevalence of the left hand’s use over that of the right one: according to one of the most accredited theory, it can be explained with the simple predominance of the right hemisphere over the left one.  Therefore, besides being more prone to the use of the left hand, intuition and creativity is thought to prevail in them over analytical thought.

Left-handedness concerns about 11% of the world’s population, and affects men more than women. The International left-handers Day is celebrated on August 13, because in 1976 – the year of the first edition – this day fell on Friday 13: a way to stress how the left-handed individuals have an topsy-turvy vision of the world.

Translated by Ecaterina Severin

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