Bravo Galantino!

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It is not a matter of political, ethical, or religious beliefs, but of justice. I do not have the habit of extolling the work of the prelates, quite the opposite, sometimes take the liberty of criticising them. Yet this time, the general secretary of the CEI has synthesized the thoughts of many Italians. Galantino deserves great praise for his recent statements in defense of those who despair in the sea, the slaves defined migrants but, in fact, people really oppressed and forced to chase hope, abandoning countries nobody wants to talk about. On the real causes of this terrible tragedy no reflections can be heard, of the unbelievable violence of how those oppressive regimes are handled nobody says anything … perhaps it happens also because of ignorance… Newspapers are filled, on the other hand, by gossipy nonsense. Galantino was right in reminding the extraordinary work of the catholic world while asking certain politicians to stay silent.

He was clear about it, although no names were pronounced,  , “worthless square-shouters who in order to gather votes, say extraordinarily foolish things”. “Those who defend this illegal invasion which is ruining Italy – has replied Salvini, the leader of the Lega Nord party – either does not understand or makes profit out of it”. Straight away arrived the answer of the prelate: “To those whom I hear often say ”they should take them into their houses” I say that probably they do not know that our parishes, our communities, many realities, often non-religious, are giving immigrants shelter”. According to Galantino, in fact, one cannot purchase “consensus on the basis of dramatic realities that should instead be observed with much lucidity and with a little more attention and heart”.

Those who ask the Church not to interfere with certain social issues demonstrate the discomfort of the inconvenient truths that cannot be silenced. Galantino is praiseworthy for having answered directly to those who know only how to spark controversies; by pointing their finger “against” while sitting on the armchairs of the Italian and European parliaments without having been ever able to tackle real problems. They are show politicians, good at using the media to receive consents, fomenting people’s anger, sowing fears, distorting reality of the situation without knowing it, providing unrealistic numbers merely to impress, using the theme of immigration in a way that can encourage racist attitudes. Everyone knows that Italy consists also in many foreign people who are doing the most tiring and humble jobs for us. Sometimes they are treated as if they belonged to a subspecies, subject to incredible timetables and easy to blackmail. In fact there are many professions that our young people no longer want to do, that have inevitably been taken on by ”immigrant servants”.

It pleases to hear the secretary of the Cei who gives voice to those who do not have one and who has chosen the side of the weakest. The Church should not be intimidated by the many provocations it undergoes, but to proclaim the voice of justice and truth without fear. Bishops are shepherds and guides of a people asking for their concrete and visible presence. They are in love with the Gospel and, therefore, defenders of the weakest. I would like to hear them teach the things of God” more often, entering concretely in the fabric of this wounded humanity. I  would like to see them bend over the miseries of men setting thus the example. Authentic politics cannot shut anyone’s mouth; when this is what occurs, it proves to be worth very little.

Instead, people should reorganize so as to support and encourage our young people to take care of the common good, to believe in change, the real one, by getting involved in politics in order to serve the people and not to use them, as, unfortunately, happens at this sad moment. True Catholics and believers in Christ cannot be ‘wimpy’, and silent. They cannot serve two masters. To offer shelter is part of the gospel as well as to investigating the causes of injustice. Racial and hatred propaganda is something different; let us leave it to mercenaries.

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