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giacovazzoAs far as freedom of information is concerned, we have been great champions in Italy. Not by chance, we are on the 73rd place in the last freedom of press world rank compiled by Reporters Without Borders, between Moldavia and Nicaragua. According to NGO, among the main causes there are also the threats made by political personalities to journalists. “A true form of censorship” quantifiable with the “unjustified” cases of defamation (129 in 2014).

Yet, desire to silence the weak voice of Italian reporters is never content.  That is all we needed…an imminent law on interception, or better to prevent its publication. Silvio B’s recurring and unfulfilled dream that becomes a national priority with Renzi. In the first draft, there was even prison for disobedient journalists.

At least singular, considering the dominant tendency among journalists not to hinder the maneuverersThis happens because, except some cases, we do not have the so-called “pure editors”.  That is newspaper owners whose main job is being an owner.  Another reason is that a good part of the Italian newspapers do not live on selling or advertisement but on subsidies directly provided by the Palazzo Chigi.

Despite the disagreement of many people, including Grasso, the president of the Senate, the Bavaglio law has reached the numbers it needed in order to pass. Another Nazarene pact. Perhaps, soon we will not be able to read the empty words of the investigated anymore. As those of the senator Azzollini who – as published by the newspapers with courageous quotation marks – has threatened to used the nuns of Divine Providence of Bisceglie as a container for his urine.

The senator charged by the magistrature with criminal conspiracy, corruption and fraudulent bankruptcy of Apulian nuns’ nursing home, was saved from arrest by his parliamentary colleagues. In the face of the handcuffed investigated and the other citizens who would end up in prison with half of his accusations. But every senator is essential for a government that cannot afford losing not even a vote. Disregarding the criminal records.

With a gag on interceptions we would have known nothing about the apparently secondary or itchy details, essential for a democratic country who has the right to know, in order to evaluate the substance and reliability of its leader. Nothing about bunga-bunga. Nothing about the phone call between the Finance general Adinolfi and Matteo Renzi. When the Pd secretary revealed in advance Letta’s defenestration and the taking off of his first government with the support of Berlusconi. And we would not even ask ourselves the reason of such a contact between a general and a party secretary.   

There will never be Crocetta cases. The picturesque Sicilian governor persecuted for an interception, probably inexistent, published on L’Espresso magazine. On the one side his trusted plastic surgeon who lashes out against the assessor Lucia Borsellino and says “We need to get rid of her like of her dad”. On the other side him, who stays quiet and agrees. Mystery of a phantom registration. Crocetta self-suspends and thinks about suicide. The authors say there is a file but they do not have proofs. No district confirms. Crocetta interrupts the suspension and does not commit suicide. Everybody against interceptions.

Given that it is rather careless to publish anything like that without owing a copy or an official report: is it more probable that L’Espresso reporter invented it or that they have been deceived? And if they have fallen into a trap, who set it and why? In a country which, in absence of judicial truths, has learnt to ask cui prodest? Who benefits from it? From Cicero’s times, the answer would be too easy. Also because the Bavaglio law has the courage to be presented again, oddly enough, on the wave of the Sicilian case.

And think that everybody went protesting in the streets of Paris, including heads of governments, in order to say that we are Charlie, for free circulation of ideas, as cartoonist of the French monthly massacred by Islamic terrorists. But then, back in Italy, one cannot even imitate the most beautiful woman minister without a senator picking up the phone and getting the sketch cancelled from tv.

Translated by Ecaterina Severin

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