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In the twists and turns of the discos, hands meet only under the table of a private room, in bathrooms or in the crowd. Money on the one hand, and drugs in its thousands of lethal shapes, on the other. In the background the deejay plays the right kind of music: hard-core, electro, house or tribal. A frantic, ceaseless rhythm that departs from the ears and reaches the legs. Yet, this is not enough. To move, dance, and disentangle oneself among hundreds of other bodies, something else is needed. A simple gesture: a pill washed down by a long drink or a distillate. The fragile capsule disintegrates under the action of gastric acids and frees its chemical potential that the blood transports to every part of our body: brain, heart, internal organs. Heart beating becomes more intense, pupils enlarge, inhibitions are brought down to nothing. Being high: an illusion of happiness that dozens of young people are looking for in disco drugs. A gun with a single bullet pointed to one’s head that takes the less threatening shape of a colourful pill.

All this happens while the owners all too often prefer to look elsewhere, or pretend they do not see or do not know what is really happening in their discos, what is even worse. A tribute to the most cynical and hypocritical of the stock phrases: “The show must go on”. Especially if it makes your wallet swell. No big deal if sometimes someone dies: young people, naive and vulnerable, are merely a private good devoid of dignity. Products whom to tempt and persuade with the culture of easy things, whom to inculcated the idea that everything has a price: sex, fun, even interpersonal relationships.

Instead of putting at the center of the public debate the death of a young man, what is being defended and sustained is the reopening of the discos that should have closed for mourning, all of them, at least for one day. But human life today seems to have lost value…

The family of the sixteen-years-old Lamberto Lucaccioni, a teenager from Castello who has been struck down while partying at ”Cocoricò”, needs no reminders about this social tide.Yet another victim sacrificed on the altar of a society that sells plastic myths, cover divas and teaches the culture of easy things. To kill him, more than the Ecstasy pill which is the most widespread disco drug, was the ease granted to this filthy market. Usually it is sold in the shape of colourful pills with imaginative names and patterns. Among its effects there are hypertension, acceleration of the heartbeat, dilated pupils, temporary increase of energy of the individual and decreased appetite. It is very dangerous also for disorders of the state of vigilance which is very often responsible for the sad series of traffic collisions that occur during the night hours of the weekend.

Besides Ecstasy, in the family of amphetamines there is also Speed. It can be swallowed, inhaled or injected. Depending on the manner you choose, it makes effect more or less quickly. It can determine, especially if consumed together with alcohol, aggressive and angry conditions. The drug generates increased heart rate and body temperature which can reach 41 degrees, with very serious consequences, such as coma and death. Then there are tremors, headaches, sleep disorders and depression associated with the desire to have more of it. In the long run it can damage internal organs and lead to internal bleeding, inclusively in the brain area.

Particularly hazardous is ketamine, an anaesthetic drug that taken in quantities lower than those used in the fields of surgery and medicine, determines a sort of detachment of mind from the body. A bomb dropped on our central nervous system. It is usually injected, but can also be swallowed in the form of pills. The drug addict feels a slight sense of euphoria, limitation of sensory perception – even hallucinations – dizziness, numbness of the lower limbs and difficulty in movement coordination. Here as well the risk of an overdose is around the corner: taking too much ketamine provokes cardiovascular and breath holdups, if not taken in time, it leads to death.

Less widespread in commercial discos, but still in vogue at rave parties is LSD.  This is the most powerful hallucinogen known. It presents itself in the shape of pills, small stamps and sugar cubes. The effects of taking LSD lead to the intensification of sensory experiences such as colour, sound, and touch, visual and auditory hallucinations, wrong perception of time and space. Signs of intoxication are dilated pupils and tremors. Health risks are connected to neurotoxicity and the so-called phenomenon of flash-backs, i.e. the repetition of hallucinations without new consumptions. Death may come directly, due to the toxicity of the substance especially if taken for long periods, or indirectly due to its effects. Many consumers of LSD have jumped into the void because they were convinced of being able to fly or died in car crashes because they saw non-existent obstacles on the street.

The police advise families to monitor thoroughly the physical and mental state of their children when they return from a night spent in a disco. Symptoms such as slow thinking, unmotivated euphoria, drowsiness, mental clouding, inability to stand still, restricted or expanded pupil can be a sign of drug use. Intervention must be quick and aiming at preventing the consumption of new doses. The Carabinieri, in particular, invite you to contact as soon as possible a doctor or another expert in the field to start a process of detoxification. And ask parents to stay close to their own children, listen, dedicate time to them, reorganise family life. To make them understand that life is more important than one-night transgression. And that fun, the real one, springs from healthy relationships. Away from an ecstasy that kills.


Translated by Ecaterina Severin

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