The South betrayed again

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bonanni_okThe data Svimez (Association for the industrial development of the South) has supplied the distract ruling class with are upsetting. The economic and social condition of the south is disastrous. It is the result of years of robbery, excessive state aid and waste of European, national, and regional resources.

Citizens in the south earn half of the average income of their compatriots in the center and in the north. This is a fact that points out the industrial, agricultural, touristic and service debacle. An incomprehensible situation, if we think about the conspicuous funds that derive from massive past investments, fruitful climate, a strategic geographical position, as well as from the cultural, monumental, and archeological heritage that is part of the south’s history.

Also the negative data regarding birthrates reveal total lack of faith in the future. Put otherwise, like the seven plagues of the Apocalypse in biblical memory, nobody wanted to pay attention to the avenger angels warning (that is to the inefficiency analysis conducted for years) and the result is the cruel and devastating plague.

The crash of Gioia Tauro, a great expectation supported by huge resources, the Caserta palace and Pompeii’s decay, the never finished Salerno – Reggio Calabria motorway, the sack of the resources of a healthcare that does not cure, the negative balance of local and municipal authorities,  local taxes higher than in the north without services, describe the failure registered by Svimez.

But – I wonder – can a country recover if half of it is in this condition? Can we think that the bankruptcy economic situation is not related to the political authorities’ idea of power? A good part of the south’s troubles depends on this; the private management of political power by many local authorities and the lack of democratic education of the politics.

The administrative procedures and the available resources are, undoubtedly important, but only if well used. They are healthy for the community’s body, but they can turn into a poisonous driver by the misappropriations and the bribery of a bad enterprise and a bad ruling class.

There will be no way out if the excessively autonomist system of local authorities and its asset is not reexamined. In my opinion, the special autonomies of Sicily and Sardinia should be deeply reorganized, otherwise their economic and social conditions will be engulfed.

What international and national operator would currently invest in the south considering the  the uncertainty reigning there? That’s why the situation will get worse if we do not intervene in a radical way.

Translated by Ecaterina Severin

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