Dancing, getting high, and dying

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“Panta rhei”, said Heraclitus: “Everything flows”. A philosophical idea – that of the impossibility to stop the “flow”, misrepresented and misinterpreted for centuries, to the point of justifying complete indifference towards any event concerning the human being. More often than not, we notice that when we have to face grim current events, the last of which has been the death of a teenager, Lamberto, who went to the disco in search of fun and has been struck down by an ecstasy pill. Drugs that seep into our teenagers’ lives as if it were a “cool” accessory that makes you part of the gang, that makes you “exist”.

Lamberto is not the first one, nor is he going to be the last one to die because of that. Yet, the general line of thought is never that of siding with the young men,  acknowledging them as victims. We usually oscillate between “he asked for it” to “it has been a fatality”, as if popping pills in a disco should be considered on the same level with ”having a drink”.

But God forbid that we face the question directly. A few teardrops and set phrases spent by some mayor, except one notices later that their political representatives in Parliament are the same people who push for the liberalization of the so-called “soft drugs”, because – they say – they don’t kill.

Wrong. Drugs are drugs and all of them kill. Sometimes the victim is the consumer, as in Lamberto’s case, some other it is the one who has the misfortune of running into a guy on drugs, as it happened in Ossimo just a few months ago, when a 51 years old man has been run over and killed. Lack of lucidity at the wheel causes innocent victims, targets of the drugs as well.

This is why the news about Cocoricò, the disco in Rimini where Lamberto has lived his last hours, having been shut down for 4 months is important. We need to stop and turn off the decibels in order to think and focus on pain, if necessary. For all those young men who at night are more busy doing dfrugs than dancing, the forced stop can transform into time to remember their friend who is gone and to reflect before the wheel of unconsciousness calls up their names.

Translated by Ecaterina Severin

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