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To sit in the devil’s lap. It is the last wicked invention of the occult priests, more or less masked by artistic and monumental velleities, who do not rest even during the summer. On the contrary, they take advantage of it in order to give way to decisions that, in an implicit or explicit way, help to find new proselytes for the deceiver. More than that: they expect hot weather because during this period, exactly on the 1st of August, for the Satanists, neo-pagans, and the followers of the world of witchery is Lughnasadh (called also Lammas), the day on which is celebrated – so to say – Lucifer’s fall from the sky on Earth. The right moment, therefore, for new rites.

Thus, in the distracted and spiritually abulic West, where for many of those who profess themselves Christians Mass – when they attend it – is little more than just a routine meeting, the wicked finds more and more room for extolling his rituals.

In the last few days in Detroit, Michigan State, has been allegedly inaugurated a three-meters-tall bronze statue representing Baphomet, an anthropomorphic, goat-headed figure with wings and hooves. In the sculptural complex are present also two children, a boy and a girl who look at the ‘‘father of lies’’ in admiration. Bringing together innocent faces and the prince of darkness makes everything even more disturbing, since it reminds how Satan’s worshipers long for desecration of purity.

Not just that: the statue of Baphomet is supposedly designed so as to have ‘‘also the functional purpose of a chair, so that people of all ages can sit in the Satan’s lap’’ as a sign of belonging.
The organizers of the ‘”event” seem to have asked the participants to sing a document – a kind of contract – in which the latter declared to ‘‘yield’’ their souls to the devil.

Apparently, Satanists want to take the goat-shaped statue also to Arkansas, where the Governor has recently approved the construction of a monument dedicated to the Ten Commandments, that should be placed in front of the local Congress. Actually, the aim of the Satan’s worshipers is to prevent the exposition of this representation of the Tablets of Law, as it already happened in Oklahoma City in 2012.

In the above-mentioned US city, in fact, the High court had to order the removal of the Ten Commandments after a petition had been filed by a local group of Satan’s worshipers who had not been allowed to erect their own statues in the past. To avoid perpetrating a ‘‘discrimination’’, the Judges found themselves compelled to deny everyone the right to use public land ‘‘for religious reasons’’.

As to the appointment on the 1st of August, the Lammas was originally a Gaelic feast linked to the harvest, during which was commemorated the sacrifice of the wheat’s divinity in his cycle of birth and rebirth. The followers of the occult world have elaborated this tradition and transformed it in one of the eight most important Sabbaths of the year. The subsequent rites, celebrations, and black masses will take place on 22nd September, on the occasion of the so-called Mabon – the god of youth, vegetation, and crops – and on 31st October, during the Samahin, most known as Halloween, that represents an authentic satanic New Year. Those realities are increasingly spreading and prove, inter alia, that they are not in the hands of some extravagant and superstitious folks, nor in those of a bunch of mere scatterbrains.

Going back to the statue of Baphomet, it is truly worrying that a State should treat equally traditional religions, pagan cults, or even evil worshipers. In truth, ‘‘the dictatorship of relativism’’ denounced by Benedict XVI and explained once again in Pope Francis’ encyclical ‘‘Praise be to you’’ through the concept of ‘‘practical relativism’’, continues to rule concealed behind the veil of a false idea of liberty, that ends up erasing everything.

It is precisely that empty space, that void, in front of the Oklahoma State Capitol, the essence of the occultist and Satanist thought for which being an atheist, believing in Satan, has the same wicked function, that of leading to humanity’s physical and moral annihilation. To demolish, to ridicule, or in the worst cases (for them), to obscure the monotheistic faiths, and more specifically the Catholic Church, is the enacted strategy. The devil acts also by revealing himself in images, presenting himself visually as the antithesis of the religious symbols.

The fact that nobody gets indignant is the symptom of a society increasingly abandoned to the arms of the devil. And whereas most of the Christians trivialize or underestimate the danger of those phenomena, we cannot act like we do not see.

Translation provided by Ecaterina Severin


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