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The last piece of the puzzle has been put in its place just this month by the accounting judges of the Basilicata’s judicial Section, but for many years now we have been trying to reconstruct the black hole that has been swallowing the money of Italians. Those taxes, paid for services that have never matched up with the taxes paid, because these money never come to the municipalities.

The Judges of the Court of Auditors in fact, have condemned the Italian Spa Tributes to compensate the town of Scanzano Jonico one million 243mila euro – ruling 45/2015 – for the non-payment of money income collected by the taxes of citizens in the face of a contract for the work of assessment and collection. A multifaceted company, which under the name of Italian Tributes embraced de facto decides to mixed public-private constituted over the years throughout Italy. At the end of the investigation, there are about 400 municipalities cheated, for a total of about 100 million Euros. A slap balance accounting system Country.

Part of this treasure would be winded up even in the pockets of some of the directors of the company, which thanks to a series of “Chinese boxes”, would use company accounts minors as a personal ATM. But some withdrawals were not 250 euro …
According to Finance, the money would be served for yachts, private planes, stays in luxury resorts and worldly celebrations. A situation which starts in the early 2000s and that makes you feel his nefarious effects even today, as evidenced by the judgment.

According to the judges the management mechanism was very simple: in command of one, the others were all nominees. Who benefited from the “Stardust” was the magic circle near the dominus, done mostly by relatives. Paradoxically, the management of a financial empire that impacted heavily on the GDP of the entire nation was … family.

But families, the real ones, the ones who live the territories, have suffered only damage. Citizens because private service providers who still paid with taxes, the result of a hard daily work; Tributes and employees of Italy, finished first on the pavement (in 2008 there were a thousand who had lost their jobs) and then in the vortex of an investigation devastating.

A difficult investigation, because the company not only had a thousand different names, in addition it changed constantly and suddenly management. So much so that the judges, in judgment, write that this fact “far from constituting valid excuse for accountability, highlights behaviors that in fact allow the fragmentation of responsibilities of the Directors, resulting in predictable effect on any charges for the non-payment of taxes due the municipalities. ” Well, to put it in one word, a ploy. But he not deceived investigators or “pity” the judges.

Beyond the financial aspects, the question had serious criminal implications, with seizures in Rapallo, Recco, Genoa, Rome, Piacenza, in search of the nominee that made up the entire exoskeleton mechanism; which he had branched from north to south.

This is how, then, for years Italy has been seeing money disappearing from the coffers of the municipalities; missing money that inevitably have embarrassed the entire nation and that, together with the global financial crisis, they have helped to bring down the country.

Ironically, one of the municipalities where the company operated – cheating there too – is the Veneto Rubano. In the name of destiny … it would have to smile, except that not only our fellow citizens from Veneto but we all still paying the consequences of this latest incredible crime novel.

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