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Ignazio Marino is working to fix what’s left of his council and of Rome. A city that has become a shadow of itself, drowned in degradation, waste and ruins, not only archaeological. Unable to hold a candle to the great capitals of the world and even to Milan, its historic enemy that suddenly became the jewel of Expo: rich, clean, modern and international. In all this there is a bit of powder, it must be said. The same that is lacking in the capital since Veltroni’s times, when Cinema’s celebrations and “Notti bianche” hid the wrinkles of a city already waning. The operation of the mayor becomes, then, the last round of a town council that was born bad and that is likely to end up worse, sliding into the Urbe’s abyss.

The last blow came from the New York Times, the leading newspaper of the planet, which described in detail the decline of Rome and the low popularity enjoyed by Marino. The mayor, for his part, has tried to reduce the amount of the bad impression, “these are just the opinions of the journalist,” he said. It may be, but that the Eternal City is in a dreadful state is an incontrovertible truth. So how it is real the political crisis experienced by his administration. Matteo Renzi’s discontent and that of some prominent elements of the Roman Democratic Party is becoming more pressing and the possibility of an intervention of Prime Minister’s office is still possible, despite the work done by Matteo Orfini who tried to mend the breach. Yesterday the Prime Minister, surprisingly, went to the Unity Day in Rome but did not speak from the stage. He met with the militants to whom he also asked for an opinion on Marino. The interlocutors, as it was expected, split and the prime minister said: “Do not reopen the debate.” As evidence of how cold the relations between the two are.

The mayor, cleared the board of Atac and obtained the resignation of Guido Improta, so could not get to the appointment with a new administration. There are several boxes to be redeployed: the deputy mayor, after the resignation of Luigi Nieri, the Transport and the Budget, given the resignation of Silvia Scozzese. For the moment, the only certainty, gained yesterday, is that Sel will not be part of the team.

In the shortlist of eligible candidates for the employment in the new Transport Department there are also some women, including Anna Donati, former councilor for Mobility of Bologna and Naples. Whoever will be called to hold the office, in any case, will take on a tough task: the management of the revolution in Atac announced by Marino with the reset of the board and, perhaps of 10 executives, after the chaos that transport between failures and sit-down strikes of a month is tiring out the Romans. A situation that prompted the prefect of Rome Franco Gabrielli to enjoin drivers and engineers to avert a strike of 24 hours called for yesterday. Drivers of buses and subways are on a war footing and have scheduled a demonstration-siege to the Capitol on Wednesday to reiterate that the inefficiencies are not their fault.

As reiterated in a video soon became viral by Christian Rosso, a young driver then accused by the company of having violated the code of ethics. Rosso has filmed himself on his way to work to show people the lack of means by which he and his colleagues have to work every day. And then he showed the company numbers: from severance pay up to 1.2 million perceived by the former AD for the “fake strikes” on Friday until the discrepancy in terms of personnel, among the few who work on the buses and the many assigned to offices. A photo taken a few hours before the blank slate imposed by the mayor which was followed by another blow: the launch of the campaign #Romasonoio by the actor Alessandro Gassman. An invitation to residents to take back their city by “cleaning it” in order to force the administration “to wake up”. Marino, ignoring the real meaning of the message left by the actor, thanked him. Who knows, maybe it is true that he comes from Mars.

Translation provided by Maria Rosaria Mastropaolo

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