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Is it right to surrender one’s own sovereignty to the banks or to finance? The Greeks in a referendum expressed a preference for a national and democratic state with all its limitations and aporias but which can do social policy.

Politics must determine the economy. On the contrary, they will abuse their power against social rights and will increase the precariousness. An employee, for example, is increasingly dependent on his employer because he is living in uncertainty and is continuously subjected to the blackmail of the possible dismissal, with the impossibility of building a future.

We are euro addicts. Germany for too long has been self-proclaiming “the Order country of Europe” and the Greek crisis with its referendum revealed a people’s allergy to the democracy of others. “The real risk for Berlin is that Greece proves that there is life out of the euro,” the Nobel laureate in economics Paul Krugman said, and we know, for historical reasons, that the German pusher does not trust the Italian “euro addicts”.

Now the so-called democratic world vomits on itself effectively recognizing the failure of the same, and it does so of course celebrating this failure in his name. We are now in the full triumph of that nominalism which was much condemned by the straight medieval theology.

And Italians, wise and moderate, approve as evidence of political seriousness and moderation the paradoxical fact that in the name of democracy, democracy is avoided in order to save democracy.

Does anybody come up with the idea that we are hundreds of millions of sheep led by a small group of shameless “waiters” serving the scariest tyranny that history has ever known and that honors itself with the name of democracy? No, and who says so is a dangerous extremist. Because he is not nominalist: he is realistic.

Meanwhile, we keep the euro, the EU and the general disaster of our world and our wallets, happy to be wise and moderate. And Democrats. It is clear that the current institutional status of the Union is not suitable to have a common economic and monetary unit as required by the single currency, and will need to make the sovereign states of the provinces and gradually centralize everything.

If we do not change course, if we do not make a European Constitution we will have at best, that would also be the worst possible reality, a super-state monster “Europe” that will dictate its principles to everyone.

I do not think it is apocalyptic to wish that Italy had a plan ready for the future on the possible end of the euro or exit from it. Poorly constructed or agreements signed by countries with hegemonic intentions have long life. The austerity policies, data in hand, continue to prove unsuccessful. Real reform would be to nationalize the central bank, Treasury riassoggettarla … but you can not. The EU vigil.

There are those who wonder whether it is convenient or not for Europe to save Greece. But for Greece is it convenient to be saved by Europe? Then, of who will be the turn? High finance speaks not of an exit from crisis but of an imminent global financial meltdown and the signs of it were just the Greek crisis and its consequences that could have repercussions on the euro zone until a sudden increase of gold.

Across the Atlantic, meanwhile, the governor of Texas Greg Abbott has recently voiced his distrust of the monetary system of the Federal Reserve and with a surprise move asked to repatriate $ 1 billion in gold.

Translation provided by Maria Rosaria Mastropaolo

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