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In this scorching summer there are often news of losses: there are those who lose their earrings on the beach, those who lose their mobiles at the restaurant, or their sunglasses in the stores. But €8 million lost really impress. Even more if it is Poste Italiane that loses them, and if it is the Inland Revenue that wants a compensation. The news came exactly in July, recorded in the sentence n°332 delivered by the Court of Auditors, the legal section for Lazio, which condemned “the accounting agent Poste Spa … to the entire amount of reimbursement.”

In practice a considerable number of stamped values that were declared out-of-course of validity had to be destroyed. Except that, at the end of the process of physical elimination of “securities”, it appeared the existence of a remnant of over €8 million which, however, disappeared.

More than the “robbery of the century”, however, we could call it the “distraction” of the century; yes, because we are not talking of a theft perpetrated by some new Arsene Lupin, but of a colossal bureaucratic mistake, and no one was able to find the crux of the matter.

The Italian Post Office, in fact, tried to show the documents concerning the destruction, and in part they succeeded. Moreover, going back in time and going back to the issue of these stamped values, it was discovered that some were straight from 2002, during Lira was passing to the Euro, with considerable difficulties in the management of the same passage.

Nothing to do. In essence, over these years €8 million have been lost. The Inland Revenue, as it also happens to ordinary citizens, proved inflexible, literally and asked for the bill. The lawyers of the Italian Post Office have pointed out that since the signing of the agreement between the two entities, even dating back to March 1995, the service has played regularly with repeated inspections, and that the tax authorities have never argued anything. As for the squaring of the final inventory and physical inventory, there was talk of a physiological question, “in relation to the many offices that are part of the distribution network.”

Not only that, but the full responsibility of Poste Italiane for any risk related to the lack of reporting has been defined the same way as an unfair term. A last situation, very similar to that in which many Italians are forced to having to show the IRS pieces of paper certifying payments already made and for which, in the absence of supporting documents, you have to pay twice. “Harassment” to which the tax authorities often he has become accustomed. A slap to the logic.

In this case, small taxpayers and large organizations have been put on the same level, or if we are on the same grill. The Inland Revenue has appealed to the Court of Auditors, which eventually gave reason. Quell’ammanco be covered, regardless of whether it is a mere accounting error, if those values ​​are now out of course … and therefore worthless. No mercy even after Poste attempted to reduce the extent of the obligation to return by showing print copies of “statements” relating to stamp duties existing in the various subsidiaries. Full conviction, therefore, with much monetary revaluation and legal interest.

The bureaucratic chaos, which is the bete noire of the relations in our country, therefore, has claimed another victim. Excellent, this time.

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