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Killing is in itself abominable, doing so when the victim is defenseless is aberrant, selling pieces of his body is perverse. Yet it happens, in a world that is shifting more and more toward indifference, where everything is permitted provided that you do not hurt others, or rather someone with your equal dignity. Certainly not the last ones, the most unfortunate, those who have no voice to defend themselves. And who, among them, have less voice than those who were not born yet? Those who feed the drift abortion, to whom the personal convenience comes before the right to life of their children, often do not realize what mechanisms they activate.

What happens beyond the ocean is a concerning, disturbing example. An American association created with the aim of defending the rights of women (and therefore at the forefront on the issue of abortion) is the middle of a scandal for the alleged sale of fetal organs and parts of the body of aborted human beings.

The shocking revelation comes from a video filmed secretly by an investigator who posed as interested in purchasing. The protagonist is Dr. Deborah Nucatola, director of Health Services of the Planned Parenthood Association, who, “intercepted” at the table, between a glass of wine and a salad, affirmed to be ready to sell fetal organs. In addition to the one of the restaurant, the doctor listed another chilling menu: liver, head, lungs, heart, intestines. Everything available, everything has a price.

But is all this licit? The answer is no, at least not yet. As long as the human being has his own dignity, the law protects him. The US Department of Justice provides severe penalties for this type of trade. But the point is not only legal – action that has not brought the desired fruits yet – but cultural. The defense of human life, in all its forms, is increasingly losing power. There is abortion, the morning-after pill, etc etc … Everything to protect one’s own right to motherhood; but of the right of children to be born no one talks about. A slap to life.

These days a petition to “force” the US courts to address the issue was launched by citizenGO, which is collecting signatures to prevent this horrible commercialization.
The transition from a commission for an abortion to an abortion commission is too weak to not perceiving the danger. And already today someone talks about “customized” abortion that is done in a way without the risk of “ruining” the part that the buyer is interested in, or even partially born fetuses, with the obvious intent to raise the price for fully formed organs.

Officially they are called “tissues donated by patients”, but the risk that behind this there is a true business is very high. When the person becomes a bargaining chip his humanity is killed, from a birth to a transfer from a country at war in an area of peace, from the sale of the body to satisfy primitive instincts to the exploitation in the fields.

Planned Parenthhod is the collective name of national non-governmental organizations affiliated with the International Planned Parenthood Federation, founded in the United States, which is lobbying in favor of abortion laws. It is impressive to know that those who espouse this kind of reality is officially committed to protecting the health and rights of women. But this is the world that we are designing for our children … provided always that they manage to be born.

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