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armi biologiche

They kill without exploding. They do not tear apart, not spread blood and especially they can’t be seen. The new frontier of the war is causing carnage silently. The affected population does not know where this scourge comes from. If it is spread naturally or the result of a deliberate assassin strategy. For many years, especially those who followed the Sept. 11, 2001, there were discussions about the risk posed by biological weapons. Diseases spread maliciously to cause devastation without showing the hand of the killer. Worse than the atomic bomb that maybe will be of longer duration but at least that we take a responsible international policy on the part of the user. Causing a very large epidemic would be a sneaky crime, petty and lethal.

Terrorist organizations are especially concerning, first of all Isis, which may have wide economic capital to invest in this type of research. And the possible recruitment of scientists without scruples, ready to cooperate with the fundamentalism in exchange for rich pickings. A slap to global security. Last year a scoop signed by two journalists of “Foreign Policy”, head of property in the Washington Post, unveiled the plans of the Caliphate to build biological weapons. Several files in a PC torn to jihadists contained detailed instructions on how to achieve them. The bacterium chosen to unleash the Apocalypse was the bubonic plague, to grow and experiment on laboratory animals (“the first symptoms appear after 24 hours,” he explained the handbook) and place in small grenades to launch “indoors. Such as subways, stadiums and clubs. ” He advised then took advantage of “air conditioning” because “the bacterium spreads in minutes and affecting thousands of people.” As when in the Middle Ages, armies catapulted the infected corpses over the walls of the rivals to weaken them with diseases, a sign of how the brutal cruelty have always been part of the human race. And if up to now these means seem to be only a few cases in the laboratories of death over time it is increasing the risk that they may be used. This will allow researchers to put his hand on agents harmless making him produce toxins or to make it even more powerful, and antibiotic-resistant bacilli existing.

After years of silence, to talk about it was Pope Francis in a passage of the important encyclical “Laudato Sì”, immediately opposed by lobbies. “War always causes serious damage to the environment and the cultural wealth of the people – the document reads Pontifical – and risks become huge when you think of nuclear weapons and biological ones. In fact, despite international agreements that prohibit chemical, bacteriological and biological, the fact is that in laboratory research continues to develop new offensive weapons capable of altering the balance of nature. “An alarm passed almost unnoticed but that can not be random, especially at the present time, characterized by dangerous conflicts in different regions of the planet.

Currently biological weapons can be divided into three groups: 1) Viruses and bacteria that can be spread as they are or after they have been combined with mold or other complex organisms. This category also insect disease vectors genetically modified to make them more aggressive towards the human species; 2) substances derived from the metabolism of specific organisms (eg. Toxins), which have a life-threatening or disabling; 3) Products of synthesis, able to hit so “biological” the target, composed of cells of specific tissues. These types, among other things, being mixed with the chemical weapons, they are dealing with special international protocols.

In the first type there are, however, some of the most deadly diseases known. Such as anthrax, caused by a bacterium that produces spores. Early symptoms resemble those of a common cold but after a few days the clinical condition of the person concerned gets worse especially in the respiratory tract up to the shock and death. Or the botulism poisoning that causes muscle paralysis. The patient experiences double vision or blurred vision, drooping eyelids, difficulty in articulating words and swallowing. And who does not intervene in time makes a dreadful end. It can be a biological weapon particularly effective because it is easily transportable and has a high level of mortality. And then there are the diseases mentioned in the West was almost lost memory, like the plague and smallpox. Eradicated in recent centuries on them the attention span has dropped and, if introduced, could result in new bloodshed. Many of these pathogens have been designed for germ warfare during the “short century” from the United States and the Soviet Union. And today may be used to conduct attacks humanity, while we lead our lives, unaware of those invisible killer who make their way through our veins.

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